Monday, June 14, 2010

PLAY & WIN beautiful gifts in EPL First GIVEAWAY!!!

  * Recently we've all playing the Esty Promo Love game on Facebook! It is a game that involves promoting Etsy items on the famous social network in a fun and helpful way. It started with a group of Etsian sellers and EVERYONE is welcome to join the group!!!

* The philoshopy of this game is mutual promotion! Using the "share" option that is almost everywhere on FB we can spread an item we like to our friends in real time with just one click! If one of our friends likes it and clicks the "share" button too, the item we picked for sharing will immediately appear on the wall of our friend, where it will be seen by all of their friends who may also like to play the game, and so on... Imagine how quickly an item will be seen by hundreds or thousands of people who may not even know the person who made it - and all this for FREE! 


* Etsy Promo Love game is celebrating the opening of the group with a big GIVEAWAY!!!!

*Here are the beautiful items that can be won, thanks to the generous EPL group members:

1.  Vivi Varvarande - Lucky Rabbit Pendant
2.  Katherine Pyl - Vintage Filigree Necklace
3.  Kostas Tsipos - U2 Collage
4.  Stefania Morgante - Black Pen Print
5.  Karolin Wagner - Glass Figurine Animal
6.  Nausika Kokkini - Rose Silver Ring
7.  Anta Papadopoulou - Flower Earrings
8.  Silvia Manzoni - Black Earrings
9.  Marlene Pennacchietti - Blue Roset Ring
10.Lori Peery Davis - Vanilla-Lavender Bath Salts
11.Angel Pearls- Crochet iPhone/iPod Cover
12.Katerina Perouli - Felted Hairband
13.Kallia Zampou - Fornasetti Evil Eye Brooch
14.Fatma Solmazgul - Swarovski Crystal Pendant
15.Candan Imrak - Turqoise Earrings
16.Maria Schina - Dots Silver Pendant
17.Rita Juse-Cirkse - Ceramic Pendant
18.Dinamar Demir - Flower Lariat Necklace
19.HeartshapedCreations - Polymer Clay Figure
20.RosemaryManufacture - Glass pearl Earrings
21.Toofashion - Bookmark
22.MyHeartBeads - Bali Copper French Earrings
23.Roroism - Felt Flower Pin
24. Elr104 - Fine Art Photograph
25.Zafran - Pink Patch Iron
26.Huiyitan - Pencil Ear Studs
27.OmniaCrafts  - Wire Sculpture/Ear
28.Beautyland -Red & Black airy Necklace

* If you want to participate in this giveway and have a chance to win one of the fabulous gifts shown above, you have to do three things from 16 to 29 June:  

1. Post the giveaway on your blog (*copy the text from here , *paste it to a new post of your blog in Edit HTML sheet, *then publish your post and let everyone know about the big Etsy Promo Love Giveaway!!!) 

2. Share the giveaway on a place out of Facebook (forum, blog, other social networks like Twitter)  

3. Share the link of your announcement here so your participation will be valid!!!


** You can participate as many times as you want! In this way you increase the possibility to win one of these amazing gifts!!! BUT you HAVE TO DO the whole procedure AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE!!!!

** The winners will be drawn using a random generator from and announced on the wall of Etsy Promo Love on 30 June.

* Stay tuned!!!! More surprises from Esty Promo Love game will follow!!! 




Share on Facebook!
It’s called Etsy Promo Love, and it’s already spreading on Facebook and between Etsy Treasuries, and already on Etsy Front Page more than once. It’s a game that involves promoting Etsy items on the famous social network in a funny and helping way.
It started with a group of European Estians, and now also Gufobardo, member of Etsy Italia Team, is involved in this project as a referent for our country.

Si chiama Etsy Promo Love, e sta già impazzando per Facebook e tra le Treasury su Etsy, comparendo più di una volta sulla Front Page di Etsy. E’ un gioco che permette di promuovere le creazioni in vendita su Etsy nel famoso social network in maniera divertente e solidale.
L’iniziativa parte da un gruppo di Etsiani europei, e ora anche Gufobardo, membro dell’Etsy Italia Team, è coinvolta in questo progetto come referente per il nostro paese.

Gufobardo tell us how she joined Etsy Promo Love: “Last week I spent a whole day making Treasuries, one right after the other. Kostas of Artistico Etsy shop commented many of them, saying that I was an artist and that I should know the Facebook Group he had just created. I subscribed and started to publish on the wall my items and other items by EIT members, Wednesday Kostas asked me to be the referent for Italy and I accepted with pleasure!”

Gufobardo racconta come si è unita al gruppo di Etsy Promo Love: “La scorsa settimana ho passato una giornata intera a fare Treasury una dietro l’altra. Kostas di Artistico ne ha commentata più di una dicendomi che ero un'artista e che dovevo conoscere la pagina che aveva appena creato. Mi sono iscritta e ho cominciato a pubblicare sulla bacheca i miei oggetti e altre creazioni dei membri dell’EIT e mercoledì mi ha chiesto di diventare il referente per l'Italia, proposta che ho accettato volentieri!”

On the info page, you can find all the rules and introduction in many different languages, to make it easier for non-English or American people to join the group. I asked Kostas to tell us about it…

Sul profilo del gruppo, si possono trovare le regole e l’introduzione in molte lingue, per facilitare tutti coloro per cui l’Inglese non è la prima lingua a entrare nel gruppo. Ho chiesto a Kostas di raccontarci di cosa si tratta…

Let’s talk about Etsy and promotion…
We love Etsy, and we are thankful there is a website like this where we can show off our work, an online selling venue where we can expose our handmade items.
But it's true that Etsy hasn't provide a promo way out of the etsian community for its artists. Since we are so many it's difficult for us to expose ourselves. On the other hand we are not all having the affordability of an advertising...