Monday, April 30, 2012

3 ways to upgrade your ATV

An ATV is the ultimate outdoors toy. But riding on a machine without upgrades is like riding on a donkey instead of a Clydesdale. It’ll get you where you want to go, you just might miss out on a bit of fun along the way.

Don’t’ worry—these three major upgrades will have you galloping over the hills with speed and style.

Tires. Get rid of those stock donuts that came with your ATV. It’s time for grown-up tires that’ll pull you up the K2 if you needed them to. Have you seen the gold-standard Super Swamper tires yet? They’ll let you glide through the thickest muck as well as the rockiest soil, all the while maintaining your control. What’s worse, tipping over in knee-deep muck or onto a rock garden? With the Super Swampers, you won’t do either.

A winch. Once you upgrade your tires, you’ll be the one your friends call on to help get them out of a sticky situation. For pulling out submerged machines or saving a cliffside-teetering ATV from plunging into the river below, install a winch. Two keystone companies that produce high-quality winches are Ramsey and Warn. A Ramsey or Warn winch will give you that extra bit of oomph when you need it most—like when your buddy refuses to abandon his ATV in the middle of the mud pit and remains perched on his seat demanding help.

A snorkel kit. The biggest and baddest ATV riders go big or go home, and that’s exactly what a snorkel kit allows you to do. You can go right through that big water or mud hazard—and then get home with all your parts intact. Essentially, a snorkel raises the air intake to a higher location, giving you a better chance of escaping a good submerging without sucking in water. A good snorkel kit will run a couple hundred bucks and requires a decent amount of ATV knowledge to install. An incorrect install can damage an ATV, so make sure you or your mechanic know what to do.

And there you have it. Three ATV accessories, three simple steps, three more reasons to get out and onto the mountain trails. Just be warned: you’ll have the machine that everyone wants to try. Maybe you can charge per ride and these upgrades will pay for themselves.

Just kidding. We’re not kids anymore, you don’t have to share your toys.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

All About the Veterinary Field

Household pets and animals can bring a lot of love to a household. They provide eternal loyalty and companionship. As complex as many pets are, they all seem to know exactly how to bring smiles to our faces.

Like humans, animals are susceptible to a wide range of health problems, which is where veterinarians come into the picture. Much like human doctors, veterinarians employ a wide range of methods and medical equipment to keep pets healthy. Let’s take a closer look at this ever-important occupation.

What Veterinarians Do

Simply put, veterinarians care for the health of animals. They treat, diagnose, and research various medical conditions and diseases using medical veterinary equipment. While they might best be known for taking care of pets and livestock, vets also help animals in zoos, racetracks, and laboratories.

Some of their duties include:

· Treating and dressing wounds

· Examining animals to diagnose health problems

· Performing surgery

· Operating veterinary equipment such as x-ray machines

· Testing for and vaccinating against possible diseases

· Advising owners about care, treatments, and medical conditions

· Prescribing medication

· Euthanizing animals

What It Takes

Being a good veterinarian takes a lot of hard work and a strong sense of character. A love of animals is the foundation for it all. Vets are around animals of all shapes and sizes all day. You should have an underlying concern for all animals, from dogs to lizards to goldfish and beyond. These animals are not always cooperative either.

Of course, it also helps to be a people person as well. Dealing with animals means dealing with pet owners. Many pet owners are often under a great deal of stress. They need to communicate effectively while displaying empathy and compassion.

Aside from a love of animals, veterinarians must have a great deal of focus, flexibility, and personal commitment. They have to be smart and creative problem solvers. Remember, animals can’t communicate the way we do, so vets have to use their knowledge and keen instincts to figure out what’s wrong with a patient.

Veterinarians are doctors, through and through, which means they need to have an expert understanding of science and medicine to make proper diagnoses and recommend treatments. They also have to deal with a large team of technicians, staff members, and other individuals. In the end, being a veterinarian mixes the tasks of scientist, social worker, health care provider, and team leader.

Pool Aerators: Find Out Why Your Pool Needs One

With summer around the corner, homeowners know that they need to start preparing their pool for family and friends to swim in. This includes filling it up with water, cleaning it, checking various parts such as the filter, and possibly adding a pool aerator. In this article, you will find information about the pool aerator process, what it can do for your pool, as well as details on installing it.


The Process of Aeration

So, you want to know more about a pool aerator and how it functions. The aeration process in water works very similar in pools, fish tanks, and hot tubs Oklahoma City homeowners may have.

  Aeration is basically the process of introducing air to the water. In some cases you might have noticed an aerator connected at the end of your bathroom and kitchen sink faucets, or even in your shower head. For faucets like these, having an attached aerator will help you conserve practically half of your normal water usage. These devices are able to change the single flow of water into various smaller flows of water, which in turn introduces air into the water. This reduces water flow but doesn't affect the water pressure.

The Benefits of a Pool Aerator in Your Pool

So, what are the benefits of a pool aerator for the swimming pools many homeowners have? One of the benefits is that a pool aerator will help keep the pool water cool. This way even when it is hot out, the pool will have a comfortable temperature for swimmers to enjoy. The aerator sprays and exposes the pool to the air, allowing it to stay cool.

Another benefit offered is that a pool aerator stops stagnation in the water. When the water is stagnant, unwanted things such as algae can develop. Knowing that algae can grow in pools homeowners want to prevent that from happening. Part of maintaining swimming pools is keeping algae out.

Types of Pool Aerators

A number of pool aerators are available. There are some that offer a great appearance, while others offer fun. For instance a water fountain aerator can be an attractive addition to your pool. These are available in a range of sizes with different features and levels.

However, aside from having an attractive pool aerator, you can have one that offers excitement. A lot of pool aerators are built for use as water cannons. This is ideal if you have children in your home.

Step 1 - Pool Aerator Installation

The initial step for the installation of a pool aerator is to switch off all pool equipment. Next you will have to unscrew the jet hand along with other gadgets covering the return line of the pool. 

Step 2 - Pool Aerator Installation

The second step for installation is to screw in the aerator into the pool's return line. Don't tighten it too much, but ensure that it is screwed firmly.

Step 3 - Pool Aerator Installation

The last step is to switch on your pool equipment to test it out. Feel free to adjust the aerator to the level you prefer. For the best possible results, keep your aerator switched on constantly. For other questions or concerns, seek help from a pool installation specialist.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wedding Unique Gift Ideas for groom and bride

The holiday season is finally, completely, over.
We now enter the season of summer, when there are no major holidays that require an abundance of gift giving. Sure, we make some brownies or deviled eggs for Independence Day, but until the fall rolls back around, we’re out of luck for getting gifts.
Unless you’ve got a wedding coming up.
The summer is notoriously named wedding season for a reason. It’s the time of year when bright-eyed young couples decide to call their distant family together for one big open bar and a bit of dancing.
Everyone brings a gift, and hopefully not the same one.
Of course, you could do the registry. Toasters are useful for newlyweds, after all. Or you could get something unique.
Here’s a list of truly exciting wedding gifts that will actually surprise those two lovebirds:
• A vacation. Better yet, add something on to a vacation they’re already taking. If the new couple is traveling to a tropical destination, those trips often come with additional activities they can add on to their plan.
  • Wouldn’t they be surprised to get to Fiji or Cancun and find an aromatherapy masseuse waiting for them when they arrive to their hotel suite? Or maybe they’ll find a set of snorkeling gear on their bed for their mid-day underwater adventure. The list is only as short as your imagination, so go ahead, splurge a bit and get them a horseback ride on the beach, or a candelit dinner for two with a violinist or ukulele player in the background.
Shaving supplies. It’s a far cry from a gondola ride down a romantic moonlit river, but it’s no less classy. Straight razors are the perfect masculine gift for a groom, and scented body washes are a perfect feminine gift for a bride. Especially if they have that beautiful vacation planned, they’ll want something that keeps them smooth and silky after a sandy day on the beach.
• Use your own skills. If you’re an expert hobbyist—as in, a quilter, carpenter, or metallurgist—you can build your own gift. A hand-quilted blanket, customized spice rack or intricate key chain is the perfect personalized gift. It says more than “this is what I can afford.” It says, “You can always count on me to make your gift from here on out.”
These are just a few gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on the face of your loved ones. And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day—making a memory.

4 Best Popular Beers in the World

Everyone loves an ice-cold beer after a hard day’s work. Heck, everyone loves an ice-cold beer at just about any time, except maybe in the morning. But then again, I’ve been wrong before.
Everyone also has their own favorite micro brews that they rave on and on about, but nobody ever has a clue what they’re talking about, because micro brews are regional specific. While there are some unbelievable micro brews out there that are most likely better than the popular brands, I’m going to list the most popular beers solely because people will know them.
Rather than bore you with details, let’s get on with this already. Below you’ll find five of the best popular beers in the world, listed in no particular order.
1. Heineken
Brewed in Holland, this is one of the best beers for one good reason: It has an original and delicious taste. With 5 percent alcohol as well, you have a beer that is average in strength but not in flavor and overall quality. If you have never had a Heineken before, you’re either living in the middle of the woods in a cabin or a crazy recluse that hasn’t been in society for the past 30 years. 

2. Blue MoonOne of my personal favorites, and you can find Blue Moon in a variety of flavors depending on the time of year. Its headliner is a Belgian White beer, which has a nice citrus flavor to it, and you’ll often have bartenders place orange slices into your beverage as well to compliment this attribute. What’s funny is that Blue Moon is brewed in Golden, Colorado, so Belgian White slapped on the front of their main brew often coaxes people into thinking they’re drinking a super cool imported beer.


3. Stella ArtoisWhile Blue Moon isn’t actually brewed in Belgium but people think it is, this one is seriously brewed there. With a bit of a bitter taste but smooth in the end, Stella is one of the more “classy” beers you can buy. Perhaps it has more to do with marketing than anything, but more often than not, you see Stella in a fancy glass with an expensive price slapped on it. But even so, you can’t argue that this beer is not delicious, because it certainly tastes like a million bucks.

4. NewcastleIts Brown Ale is its most popular brew, and all of the Newcastle beverages are produced by Heineken. Man, so Heineken produces two amazing beer brands? Super cool, you guys. Unlike original Heineken brews, the Newcastle beers are a bit darker and tend to have a more malty flavor to them, but they’re still at the head of the pack!
There are plenty of amazing beers out there, but you’d be hard pressed to find better beers than these. When the time strikes your fancy, head out to the store and pick up a six-pack. Or two. Or three. Remember to call out sick to work, though.
About the author:
Joe Petchonka writes content for a variety of companies. He helps New York Nissan dealers with all of their website needs as well.

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Outdoor Haven Essentials

Winter leaves outdoor living areas empty and aching for some activity. With spring upon us and summer just around the corner, we will once again spend our days enjoying fresh air and taking in the sun.

San Diego home remodeling ensures that you won’t have to travel far to enjoy sunny days. San Diego’s architectural design caters to the average homebody ready to spend sweet afternoons and weekends in the comfort of their back yard. Here are a few outdoor essentials to create the perfect summer haven.

Back Yard Cooking

Barbecues are the staple of any average American household, and once summer hits, firing up the grill may as well be a weekly, if not daily, event. Whether you choose the small, portable charcoal grill or a gas-powered behemoth, a good barbecue can go a long way.

However, if you find yourself grilling on a semi-daily basis, you may want to consider upping the ante with a full outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are designed to save you time from going back and forth between the barbecue and the kitchen, which makes things convenient for those who enjoy hosting neighborhood get-togethers.

The basic outdoor kitchen features the grill, some counter space, and storage space underneath. More advanced models include sinks, refrigerators, and even whole ovens. If you desire the full back yard cooking experience, an outdoor kitchen is a necessity.

Going for a Dip

The prime means of cooling off in the summer is going for a swim. Depending on your area, you probably have a public pool, but dozens of other people from the community need to cool off as well. Things can get crowded and sanitation isn’t always up to code.

Instead of dealing with the multitude of community members stuffed into a single pool, you may want to get a pool of your own. If you have enough back yard space, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Pools happen to be a great investment, adding a ton of value to your home.

You can’t forget your own personal enjoyment. No need to worry about opening and closing times. Simply suit up and take a dip whenever you feel the need to. Swimming also happens to be a great, low-impact exercise, so you can keep in shape while you keep cool.

Of course, you can’t forget the companion to any pool: the spa. While pools tend to be reserved for summer, spas are good year-round. Whether you need to warm up or relax after a stressful day, a spa will help you get yourself back up to 100 percent.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why is a Business Attorney Important for You?

Whether starting up a business or running an established one, there are multiple legal aspects involved in selling products or services to the public that can prove both overwhelming and confusing. The risk of financial loss can loom large when companies fail to prepare adequately for the possibility of future legal liabilities. Many of these concerns are best handled by experts in the legal field who can provide valuable advice resulting from years of professional business experience.

Law firms

Having the security of legal consult can offer great security for your business. In addition, securing assistance from an established firm can offer you a wider combination of experience in business dealings than any one single lawyer can. Portland, Oregon law firms can help a business in many of its legal dealings, such as formal issues between employees and customers. Legal contracts that have been drawn up well in advance will help decide the proper path to take in such cases. If there are stipulations in place, your attorney can help arrange negotiations, making your contracts suit your needs as best as possible. Legal firms can also help you recover owed money efficiently and the power of collection letters sent by reputable offices can yield effective results.

Business attorneys

A business attorney will be of enormous value to business owners looking to improve different aspects of their practice. Qualified experts must be experienced in how contracts work and the intricate details of all business matters. Oregon attorneys can assist with issues arising from copyright, zoning compliance, trademarks, and other related concerns. Issues of intellectual property dealings as well as the important matter of business tax responsibilities can be adequately addressed. Legal counsel will also be able to assist with decisions as to what form of formal organization is most appropriate for your specific business, whether it be a partnership, corporation, or a limited liability company. Furthermore, business attorneys will be able to work out matters with landlords and keep you on top of your dealings in properties, helping you with proper agreements when it comes to real estate issues.


It will be important to research legal firms specializing in business matters prior to selecting one that will fit your own specific needs. You will want to be sure that you have found an attorney with years of legal experience behind them. Be sure to ask about what other businesses they have represented in the past and ask for related references. Quoted fees should be reasonable and reflect the variety of skills they are able to offer. Firms with business expertise will offer a number of prepaid legal plans, with flexible payments available as necessary to provide affordable assistance with all your legal business needs.

The Role of Lutein in Preserving Vision and Eye Health

Although often considered to be a natural part of aging, deteriorating vision is not an inevitable part of life. Avoiding potentially harmful habits, eating a healthy diet, and the addition of nutrients like lutein that support eye health can delay or prevent the degenerative changes of age-related conditions like macular degeneration.

What is Lutein?
If you have not heard about the vital role of a nutrient called lutein in enhancing eye health, take note. Lutein offers a natural and proven way to protect and preserve your vision. This substance, which is found in marigolds and green leafy vegetables, is also found in abundance within the macula of the human eye.Because the macula controls central vision, macular degeneration results in deterioration of the most important area of your visual field. The condition often develops with increasing age, and it manifests in various ways. Many people suffer from a mild blurring of central vision, while others experience more serious vision loss. In many cases, the damage is progressive. Lutein has been proven in medical studies to decrease the risk of developing macular degeneration and to boost eye health in general.

How to Increase the Lutein in Your Diet
A simple change in your diet can go a long way to protect your vision. The star performer in providing dietary lutein is kale. It has the highest concentration of the nutrient, and it is widely available and easily prepared. Other great sources include spinach, collard greens, Swiss chard and turnip greens. Adding more healthy greens to your diet also increases your ability to fight cancer, heart disease and gastrointestinal problems; your eyes won’t be the only beneficiaries. You can usually obtain enough lutein through your diet, but it is also available as a dietary supplement in pill form.

Better Choices, Better Eyesight
The link between nutrition, lifestyle and the health of your eyes has never been clearer. Lifestyle changes can work alongside nutritional support to prevent eye disease and the degeneration of vision. Avoid smoking and be sure that your diet is primarily made up of chemical-free, unprocessed foods. Whether you wear prescription eyeglasses or reading glasses from the drugstore, consider your eye health a priority and see your optometrist regularly. These small steps, along with the potent protection of lutein in either food or supplement form, can give you the tools you need to improve your eye health and maintain it for life.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why You Should Know About Fathers’ Rights

Divorces are difficult ordeals, but in most cases, they are for the best. Often, splitting two people who can’t get along is much healthier than allowing them to stay together, which could be toxic for the family as a whole.

The most precarious issue for family law attorneys is child custody. The law system is often built to favor mothers, creating an unfair bias. Divorce attorneys for men are well-versed in rights for fathers, but why should you know about fathers’ rights?

Equality and Fathers’ Rights

In the past, fathers had little to no rights when it came to divorces and custody proceedings. Due to the system, fathers could often expect to see very little of their kids with strict limitations on basic visitation rights.

Fathers’ rights have come a long way. The main goals of fathers’ rights boil down to equality. Advocates of the movement do not necessarily believe custody is right for every father but that every father should have an equal right to custody. While a father might not always seek full custody, he is still entitled to spending substantial amounts of time with his child.

In other words, fathers’ rights advocates want to ensure that fathers are not treated as occasional parents that are not expected to play significant roles in their children’s lives. Fathers’ rights want fathers to have more than just “visitations.” They want to take an equal share of the parental responsibilities.


Fathers want to do everything they can to support their kids and ensure they live positive, wonderful lives, but financial limitations can often make that difficult. What’s worse, many divorces force much of the financial burden—which includes child support and alimony payments—on the father while simultaneously limiting his time with his children.

There’s a huge difference between being a supportive parent and being a funnel of money. The fathers’ rights movement hopes to eliminate the latter sentiment while advancing the former.

In many cases, fathers are unable to provide much in the form of financial support. Numerous fathers’ rights advocates hope to redefine the concept of “financial support” to include non-monetary forms of support, such as groceries, clothing, toys, and time spent with the child.

Children and Parents

Though fathers’ rights emphasize the father, it is really all about the children and their relationships with each parent. Fathers’ rights isn’t about creating a dichotomous relationship wherein one parent is considered better or “more worthy” than the other. Instead, fathers’ rights are a way of keeping both parents in a child’s life so that both mother and father can have healthy, meaningful relationships with their kids. A divorce might split spouses, but it shouldn’t divide families.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5 Prom-Perfect Dress Styles


One of the best parts of prom is finding that perfect dress. With so many different designers and styles to choose from, each girl that attends can find the dress that’s made just for her. Some dress styles work better with certain body types than others, and part of the trick is finding prom dresses that are both flattering and comfortable. Here’s an overview of five of the most popular dress styles you’ll see this prom season, with some tips about which body type is right for each.

1. A-line: An A-line dress gives you that classic ball gown look without the extra material. A-lines accentuate the waist and bust while hiding everything below the waist behind the billowing skirt. An A-line has a tight bodice, flaring out from the waist as the gown reaches the floor, in the shape of a capital A. This dress style works well with most body types, but will be especially flattering to girls with pear-shaped bodies. Look for Blush prom dresses, which is one line that has a wide range of A-line and similarly designed ball gowns available.

2. Empire Waist: An empire waist dress has a skirt that begins just below the bust. While this style can be worn by almost anyone, women with an apple shaped body can benefit the most because the style draws attention away from the mid-section. An empire waist gown also makes the body appear naturally more slender and can make a shorter person appear taller because of the extra-long skirt.

3. Sweetheart: Sweetheart is a classic style that applies to only the bust of the dress, and they’re designed to help busty women show off their bust line without showing too much cleavage or popping out of the dress. The style gets its name from the bust line, which creates the shape of a heart out of the dress’s bodice. While these dresses can have straps they are most often strapless, helping to accentuate the bust and shoulders. Alyce Designs prom dresses have a large selection of sweetheart dresses to choose from.

4. Mermaid: Mermaid dresses are all the rage right now, but they do not work well with many body types, particularly apple and pear shaped bodies. Mermaid dresses are skin tight until just below the knees, where they flair out like a mermaid’s fins. Women with slim figures can pull off this dress the best, while those without a lot of curves can create the appearance of a curvy body with this style.

5. Long-short: The long-short dress is a fun style that works well with most body types, unless you want to hide your legs. These dresses come with a tear-away longer top skirt, revealing a shorter skirt underneath. There are a range of long-short styles available, depending on the combination of styles of the two skirts. Many of the short skirts are tighter to accommodate the dress that fits on top. This style of dress is a good choice for anyone who wants the option of two dresses in one, for the dance floor, the after party, or even a different ball.

Monday, April 23, 2012

All the World's Gold

Most people think that gold is very rare on planet Earth, but there's probably more of it than they could possibly realize. There is enough available gold right now to provide every person on the planet with five gold rings -- and there are seven billion humans on the earth at this point.

You would think that the United States would be the biggest consumer of gold products in the world, but that isn't the case. India has that distinction, with China following closely behind. The United States is third on that list. However, the U.S. is second in world gold production, with China holding the number one spot. India is just barely in the running.

Planet Earth could run out of gold soon, and future generations of Indian citizens may find themselves amending their jewelry preferences. About half of the Earth's gold has been mined during the past 50 years.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What To Teach Your Kid About Their First Car

Picturing your teen behind the wheel of a car can be nothing short of  panic-inducing. And while that anxiety may never really go away, (even when your kids are in their 30s) you can take steps to at least make sure you don’t end up breathing into a paper bag on a daily basis.
The key is making sure both you and your teen are absolutely prepared when they are ready to hop behind the wheel. Here are a few of the things you’ll want to cover to make sure you teen is ready for the road.

Help Choose the Right Car
When shopping for a car, safety should be the first priority. Whether your teen will be driving a new or used vehicle, make sure it has plenty of safety features: seat belts and airbags are a must while anti-lock brakes are a definite plus. Certain mechanical problems can also cause a dangerous situation, so be sure the car you choose is in tip-top shape. As a parent, you may want to familiarize yourself with the car owners manual to make sure the car has all the features you need.
Proper Driving Education
It isn’t a necessity, but putting your teen in driving classes will help make sure they are ready to operate a vehicle safely. When you are driving with your teen in the car, be sure to make observations and point out the safety measures you take every time you get behind the wheel. Leading by example is among the most effective ways to keep your teen safe when they are ready to get behind the wheel.

Proper Maintenance Lessons
Many teens are unaware just how maintenance intensive owning a car can be. To make sure their car is safe and running smoothly, make sure your teen knows the importance of a proper maintenance schedule. If you aren’t sure what that schedule is, break out the original car owners manual and have a look. Staying up on oil changes will keep the car running properly while keeping tires inflated will save your teen (and you) money by maximizing fuel efficiency. Maintenance is an important lesson to teach your teen for safety reasons and to protect the car as an investment.
Economic Responsibility
Your teen may not realize that owning a car is a balancing act and requires a certain amount of financial responsibility. Gas, tires and maintenance are just a small sample of the many expenses that come with owning a vehicle. Your teen should know that certain sacrifices need to be made in order to keep their car on the road. Making your teen pay at least a portion of the insurance and maintenance costs is an excellent way to teach them about the financial responsibility of not only owning a car, but becoming an adult.
Ben Norris is a freelance writer and former teen driver living in Phoenix, AZ.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Is Your Job Killing You?

Too much stress on the job has proven to be hazardous for a person’s health time and time again. Because stress has been proven time and time again to be a key factor for early death and disease, it is important to evaluate your job and understand if it is stressing you out too much.

When is Stress Too Much?

When is stress too much stress? This answer is different for everyone. Remember, some stress on the job is good; it is why you are needed in the workforce. There are some key signs of too much stress.

If you are fighting and arguing with your colleagues, finding yourself buried under large piles of paperwork and dreading showing up to work everyday, there is a good chance that you are under too much stress at work.

Reducing Stress at Work:

There are some ways that you can reduce stress at work. Schedule in relaxation time for yourself away from work. Take care of yourself while at work. Do not be afraid to delegate tasks to other employees, too. They are there to help, just as you are.
From: Human Resources MBA

Friday, April 20, 2012

Uncomfortable Office Chair? 5 Tips on Coping

Sitting at the desk for long periods of time can take its toll on your body, especially when it’s so tricky to remain posture perfect. Here are five key tips on how to improve your posture, strengthen core muscles and make yourself as comfortable in your work station as possible.

1. Posture perfect. Sitting in the same position for extended periods of time can put a strain on the supporting muscles and discs, especially if you’re slouching or hunching without realising. If left unattended it can lead to damage of the spinal structure and muscle strain.

To combat this make sure you are properly seated, ensuring the majority of your back is pushed back against the chair and keeping the shoulders and back as straightas possible. Try to keep your elbow joints at a ninety degree angle, sitting close enough to the desk to comfortably rest the forearms. Adjust the chair to suit your personal height, ensuring your feet are able to firmly rest on the floor. If not, ask your employer for a foot rest to avoid risk of back strain. If you frequently use a VDU, investing in a padded mouse pad will ease any wrist strain and adjusting your seat until your natural eye line falls within the centre of the screen will avoid neckpain.

2. Muscle food. Doses of magnesium can help prevent neck and back strain from happening in the first place. Common symptoms of magnesium deficiency can be body tension, back aches, muscle cramps, tics or spasms. If this sounds familiar,magnesium can help the muscles to function properly, aiding in the correct musclecontraction and relaxation.

Vitamin D works alongside this to help reduce risk of arthritis caused by performingthe same movements again and again, which is often the case when hours are spent at the desk. To get your daily intake try adding oily fish like tuna, salmon and mackerel to your lunch, or even starting the day with vitamin D fortified breakfast cereals.

3. Avoid stress. Try to avoid allowing your body to be overcome by too much stress as this can cause muscle tension. We all have our own methods of relaxation, be it reading, taking a bath or listening to music. Doing what works best for you everyonce in a while will ease any muscle tension and help relieve back and neck pain.

A massage can work wonder for the muscles, working out the knots and relaxing the body. Try speaking to your physician about massage therapy or even requesting the odd massage from your partner.

4. Take a break. Taking regular breaks from the desk is something we can often forget to make time for. This is particularly important for the self-employed working fromhome, as it is often easy to work over any scheduled breaks.

Whenever possible, walk around, stretch out your muscles. Regular 5 minute breaks may not seem like much, but can ease the strain remaining seated for long periods of time can place on the neck and back muscles. Moving away from the VDU can also significantly boost the circulation to help prevent the risk of deep vein thrombosis and headaches.

5. Strengthen key muscles. Strengthening your back and neck muscles can often prevent sprains and strains occurring in the first place by increasing your body’s internal support. A great strengthening exercise is to lay face down, placing yourhands palms down at either side of your shoulders. Slowly lift your head from the floor, hold for a few seconds, before lowering the head back down. Try not to rock the head upwards using momentum and don’t over exert the neck. Experimenting with core muscle strengthening forms of exercise like yoga and fitness ball workouts can improve the key muscles crucial for maintaining good posture.

It is your employer’s duty to make sure your work place meets the safety requirements as laid out by the government body HSE health and safety regulations.If you feel your work station doesn’t meet up to the standards for any reason, it pays to suggest this to your employer.

Jess, Events Organiser at Chillisauce Ltd. who specialise in organising luxury hen weekends and adventure stag weekends.

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Funky and Fashionable Hair Styles

hair salon MelbourneLife is about enjoying yourself and with that comes freedom of expression. Showing off your personality to the world through personalization is a great way to express yourself. Being able to do things your own way will keep you happy and also help you stand out from the crowd. From the clothes you wear to the way you style your hair, these are all ways to display that unique personality. Speaking of hairstyles, here are some great tips from hair salon Melbourne for adding some funk and flair to that flat head of hair.

First, cutting the hair shorter will give it more pizzazz. This is because it is different from the widely accepted look of long hair on women. As unfortunate as it can be sometimes, there are societal norms that have been established through time. In today's society, when a certain trend differs from the accepted standard, it attracts a lot of attention. Short hair will definitely make some heads turn because it's a look that is funky and fashionable. Luckily, there are plenty of short hairstyles out there so you will have many options to choose from.

The next step is to add some texture to your hair. A good place to start is to add layers to your short hairstyle. Layers will give the hair depth, thickness, and an extra dimension to work with. Play with your hair to get an idea of how it works. Try to style it many different ways to see which looks work best for you. Depending on how straight or curly your hair is or how stiff or soft the strands are, some styles will not work at all. You can spike the hair up, curl it, shave parts of it down, or use a combination of these techniques and more to achieve the perfect look.

Hair SalonA third way to add extra flair to your hair is to put some color in it. While traditional highlights are usually a shade or two darker or lighter than your natural hair color, they do not add that much of that funk you desire. In order to really make a statement, go with brighter colors such as hot pink, red, blue, purple or green. Think contrasting colors when deciding on which colors to use. If your hair is really dark, lighter highlights will make a more dramatic impression on the overall look. On the other hand, if you have light colored hair on your head, choose darker shades to make the whole package pop. If you're really outgoing, dye all of your hair! Want to get a funky, fresh makeover? For the look that you've been waiting for, contact hairdresser melbourne. Australian salons offer some of the most hip hairdressers around.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Life Of A Celebrity

What a life it must be - you're showered with gifts from your sponsors, you don't have to queue for your favourite restaurant and you get paid a fortune, doing what you love to do. Surely the life of Celebrity must be all roses?

Working Overtime For Deals

It may seem that celebrities get 'money for nothing' but the fact of the matter is that many have their 'day job' and then have to work more to land lucrative sponsorship deals. Take for instance a Premiership footballer like Michael Owen - Mr Owen spends most of his time training and playing football in the toughest league on the planet yet still has the time to land lucrative deals with companies such as Tissot, who have even created a mens Tissot couturier watch in his honour. Not that we all wouldn't love an opportunity to have our very own limited edition timepiece, but what most don't see is the enormous amount of work which goes on behind the scenes to land these type of lucrative sponsorship deals.

Branded And Badgered

Celebrities who endorse products are in effect branded and bound by contract to display those products whenever possible. You can see this whenever you watch any major sporting event on the TV - motor racing, tennis, golf and football especially are especially full of totally branded sports celebrities who are paid to advertise. There's a reason the winner of the latest F1 race puts a hat on when on the podium and it's not because his head is cold... you'll probably see a main sponsors logo right above the winner's eyes in prime position on your TV as soon as he steps up onto the top spot!

Even worse than this, it seems that endorsements and celebrity status stop celebrities from doing things in their 'private' lives which they would want to do - Ewan McGregor, celebrity biker and film star has previously complained that contracts had stopped him from enjoying his motorcycles and celebrity car nut and star of numerous movies recently Chris Bana has found that movie contracts have interfered with his love of motor racing, stopping him from competing on occasion.

Privacy? What Privacy?!

Celebrities don't enjoy privacy like the rest of us - try walking down to Tescos if you're David Beckham and see what happens... infact this lack of privacy is now so prevalent for any sort of even 'minor' celebrities that a trip to an amusement park, to the gym or golf club can mean being 'papped' on even the shortest trip.

In the UK, our privacy laws are at best 'relaxed', which means for major celebrities the UK is probably the worst country on the planet to visit. Visitors to theme parks such as Thorpe Park will have seen crowds gathering around minor celebrities from time to time and because of this celebrities who attend places like this for pleasure are more or less required to take with them 'minders' to protect their personal space. Even 'z' list celebs like the 'stars' of 'The Only Way Is Essex' get hassled at places like this, so just imagine what it would be like for major movie stars like Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford!


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Be Ready for Dental 911

Most of the dental problems which we have to face are those that gradually develop after months or years of neglect. For this reason, one can always schedule an appointment ahead of time. But what happens when you have dental problems arise suddenly, and immediate dental care becomes necessary.

Because emergency dental situations aren’t that popular, one does not always know what to do during situations that require emergency care. As a matter of fact, most Americans do not know how to handle a dental health emergency according to a recent survey which includes 1,000 participants. So if you think that your mouth issue requires dental 911, then here are a couple of things to take note of:

Excessive bleeding due to lip or tongue bites.

Accidentally biting your lip, tongue or any other soft tissue in your mouth (and there are lots of them in your oral mucosa) can lead to excessive bleeding. The first thing to do is to clean the area and then apply cold compress in order for to control the swelling. If the bleeding is so severe that it will not stop, then head to the emergency room.

Broken or cracked teeth

When you have a broken or cracked tooth, you must call your dentist straightaway. If you can’t get to the office right away, try to rinse your mouth with warm water and then apply cold compress on the site outside of the affected area. But still, having a dentist take a look at your broken or cracked tooth the soonest possible time cannot be overemphasized.

Damaged braces

You need to call your orthodontist right away if your braces get damaged. There are some situations wherein your braces should be looked at right away while there are others which can wait until your next appointment.

Jaw injury

If you think that you might have a broken jaw, apply cold compress to the area right away and then head to the dentist’s office or the emergency room in the soonest possible time.

Loose tooth

If you notice that one of your teeth has been partially dislodged, the best recourse is to see your dentist right away and he may be able to save the tooth. But if you cannot get to the dentist’s office immediately, take an OTC pain reliever instead and then apply cold compress to the affected area in order to relieve the pain that comes with having a loose tooth.

Knocked out tooth.

One of the more taxing problems, you should grasp your lost tooth by the crown and if dirty, rinse its root. Don’t scrub the tooth or remove tissue pieces which are still attached. You may reinsert the tooth back into its socket but if this doesn’t work you will have to go to your dentist right away. Place the tooth in milk per the American Dental Association’s advice until you can get to your dentist. The milk acts as a preservative.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Evening Activities for the Family

There are so many great activities that can be played with the entire family in the evening. You can always start off by having a quiet night at home with the family. This doesn't mean that you have to sit in front of the TV. Family members should also consider turning off any distractions such as cell phones, and making this a time to just focus on family members. You can consider ideas in the backyard such as campfires, etc. You can play games together such as learning magic tricks, and many others.

You may want to also think about a community service evening. This would allow each member of the family to be taught about serving one another and serving others within the community. You can volunteer at a pet shelter or even a zoo if members in the family love animals. This is the time to figure out what your family loves to do, and what one another has a passion for. They will then be able to do something about it. This is a good time to write down any ideas that family members come up with. Family members may also want to consider volunteering at a senior citizen center to read stories, etc.

Other evening activities for the family can consist of exercising. You will be surprised to know how many children are obese and not even educated about their health and how much exercise can have a big impact on them. You can plan on activities such as freeze tag, hide and seek, football, basketball, hopscotch, and many others. This just reminds your children and other family members that staying active physically is healthy for them. This will also allow for family members to spend quality time with one another as well.

You can also make it a night of building life skills. You will be able to build many strong bonds with one another for an evening of family fun activities. The family may all want to prepare a gourmet dinner and sit down with one another afterwards. Free chat is available for those people that would like to get to make new friends, but any chat room should be discussed over with family members so they are aware of the elements that come along with it. This too can be discussed during a family meeting for the sake of children and everyone else.

Julieth Gonzalez

Sunday, April 15, 2012

5 FAQ About Sunglasses

cc licensed ( BY SD ) flickr photo shared by Ed Yourdon

Sunglasses make a statement; some of them say look how sophisticated I am while others say I am a rebel. How they look, who designed them and how much they cost weigh heavily in choosing which pair to purchase. Their role as fashion accessory largely accounts for the popularity of sunglasses; however, their real value goes beyond their appearance. Here are five facts you should know about sunglasses.

Protection is job #1

Sunglasses protect the eyes from glare, but their most important function is to protect the eyes from damage. Both UVA and UVB are invisible parts of the light spectrum that can damage our eyes. Exposure to short-term UV radiation can burn the surface of the eye, while long-term exposure can lead to permanent damage including cataracts. Look for lenses that will block as close to 100% of UVA and UVB radiation as possible.

Colored lenses: more than a fashion statement

Sunglass lenses come in a variety of colors. Each different color tint has its own special property: Gray lens cut back on brightness, but distort color; Brown and amber are even worse than gray for distorting color and they also make everything appear hazy, but they do a good job of reducing glare; green lenses reduce glare and give the sharpest image.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Okko Pyykkö

Mirrored lenses: looks sharp, but do not help eyes

Forget the mirrored coating on the outside of sunglasses, it scratched off easily. Think about a polarized film or an anti-reflective coating. A polarizing film increases the lenses’ ability to reduce glare, resulting in less squinting. An anti-reflective coating will cut down on the light reflected off the backside of the lenses and into the eyes.

Lens quality: more important than design

In addition to the UVA and UVB blocking ability of the glasses, the quality of the lens construction is also important. Poor quality lenses that contain scratches, imbeded bubbles or other distorting features make the eyes worker harder to focus, and they can cause squinting and tearing. The continued eyestrain can result in headaches, dizziness and finally nausea all of which will discourage sunglass use.

High risk people needing sunglasses

Everyone can benefit from sunglasses but some eyes need more protection than others. Those who have already had cataract surgery, individuals taking drugs that make their eye’s light-sensitive such as sulfa drugs, diuretics, tranquilizers, birth control pills and tetracycline or who are regularly exposed to extreme amount of sunlight benefit as well. Also, individuals with light colored eyes, such as Blue or Grey, generally are sensitive to the sun and benefit from good eye protection.

Use this quide the next time your out shopping for sunglasses. Also, make sure you take your time, try them on, and ask any questions you may have about them. You can never know too much about the style, design, materials, or UV protection that your sunglasses offer.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

When is it Time to See a Fertility Specialist?

Having kids can be an amazing experience. It’s something you can’t quite understand until you’re blessed with the opportunity to hold your very own child in your arms.

This is something so many of us want. Sadly, many couples have difficulty conceiving children. A fertility specialist can help in a variety of ways and can help you understand different options. Depending on individual circumstances, options might include egg donation or in vitro fertilization. There are a number of factors at play when it comes to conceiving a child. When should you see a fertility specialist?

Conception Troubles

The general belief is that if a couple has been trying for a year without conception, then it’s a good idea to seek a specialist. However, that belief isn’t accurate for everyone, and it doesn’t take into account things like

· your age

· your partner’s age

· health factors

· any birth control methods you have used prior to trying

· family medical history

These are just a few of the things that play into conceiving a child, but they don't necessarily rule out the possibility.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine states that a couple over the age of 35 that has been trying to conceive for more than six months should see a fertility specialist. As both partners age it becomes increasingly more difficult to conceive children.

Preexisting Conditions

If you or your spouse already has a known preexisting condition, you shouldn’t wait to see a fertility specialist. Consult your family doctor and s/he should refer you to a specialist.

Some criteria for immediate referral to a specialist include:

· Blocked fallopian tubes at any age

· Moderate to severe endometriosis at any age

· Ovulation problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome

· Abnormal ovarian reserve tests

· Significant male factor infertility

Still, keep in mind that conceiving a child isn’t ruled out unless your fertility specialist has tried everything and given the final word. Even if you aren’t able to conceive, there are still options for having children.

Seeking Surrogacy

In cases where conception is impossible or could lead to complications, couples may inquire about seeking a surrogate. There are generally two types of surrogacy: traditional and gestational.

In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate undergoes artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization using sperm from the male or from a donor. Traditional surrogates provide the eggs themselves.

Gestational surrogacy uses an egg and sperm from the intended parents or any combination of donated eggs, sperm, and embryos. The main draw to this method is that the child is not genetically related to the surrogate, whom acts only as a gestational carrier for the pregnancy.

It’s important to openly discuss all options with your fertility specialist, who will have a keen understanding of your particular circumstances and will be able to offer the best advice.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beautiful Country Style Homes

country style homes

For many years that warm and inviting look has welcomed owners and visitors alike into beautiful country style homes. Even with the vast selections of various other styles such as the tudor, colonial, cottage, contemporary, modern and even ultra modern, the basic county style home has remained at the top of the favorites list. One of the reasons for this is probably the we really do feel at home in a country style home. It reminds us of who we are and where we came from. This style is beautiful and comfortable, but also has that down to earth feeling of being very practical and solid.

One of the other reasons beautiful country style homes are so popular is that they have that air of beauty and refinement that is blended to well with the functionality of the style. The proportions of a well-designed country home add something more than utilitarianism. The usual warm, rich color choices give a lively but not over-stated personality to the home.

The particular style of the architecture in a country home speaks of the early settlers here that brought with them ideas and influences from the old world, but then added their own unique voice. The materials that were used were the materials that were available. There was nothing pretentious about this early American homes. But there was something proud and substantial about them.

The design of the country homes came about to a degree not just because of the available building materials, but also because of the need to fit well within the chosen home site. More than ever the home itself was an extension of the land, and extension or the family, and extension of the country. The country home is a sensible expression of a need being met with style and beauty.

modular homes

As with the architecture of these country homes, the interior designs also lend to that feeling of warmth and welcome. We often see sturdy exposed beams, walls with finishes that are a little more coarse, open fireplaces that burn real wood and even smaller windows. Another aspect of the interior is the decorating accessories that give the home a special feeling for its own local. In the west we might see more of a western or forest mountain theme, in the southwest a desert style, and in the northeast perhaps lighthouses or seashells.

Often we will see one of those beautiful country style homes with a wide front porch that seems to welcome everyone even before they enter the house. Another familiar architectural style of the country home are the second floor dormers that are functional in letting in more natural light and also add an extra dimension of variety and personality.

The country style home has been around for a long time, and shows no sign of diminishing in popularity and appeal. More than any other style of home this one will remain unchanged and wanted.

Monday, April 9, 2012

How to Add Mid Century Modern Design to Your Home

Mid century modern design refers really to a look that took hold in America in the 1950s and 1960s. It consists of a sleek, streamlined, "modern" aesthetic that seems to be making a comeback today. The emphasis of mid century modern furniture is on functionality, but form is paramount.
A characteristic of the furniture/ interior design for this period is to do away with all excesses. The furniture would be described typically as "minimal". This means no excessive adornments, no unnecessary arcs and curves and embellishments. The furniture pieces generally consist of straight lines and mono-color tones. The idea is to do away with the concept of "busyness". The mid century modern piece will typically be sleek, made of clean lines, consist of two or three color tones, and have a blend of only one or two materials. Despite the minimalism, a sofa from mid century era, for example, brings with it a certain panache that can own a living room space.


Get Started with Mid Century Modern Design
To introduce mid century modern design into to your home, look around and study the existing tone of your decor. Study the ratios between wood, glass and stone. Examine the dominant colors. Complement the existing tone of the room with a piece that reflects and blends in. For example, a wood and glass cabinet might perfectly compliment your study which has large window frames of the same species of wood. There is no need for all the pieces to "match". You can also try and be adventurous by placing a denim chair in your den, where the other seating also has tough cloth upholstery. The idea is to retain the existing aesthetic of the room with one or two classic pieces that dominate the space.
The popularity of the television show "Mad Men" has made this design suddenly so much more popular. Banana Republic even offers "Mad Men" clothing. Luckily this newfound popularity and the comeback of the mid century modern design has contributed to making furniture in this line much more accessible and affordable.


Original Mid Century Modern Design Pieces
Of course, there is the 'real thing', pieces lovingly manufactured and designed in the 1950s and 1960s, like the Knoll sofas, for example. There are many enthusiasts who track down and hunt out vintage mid century modern sofas, and do so with very good reason. However, for those looking not to acquire genuine vintage pieces, but simply looking for ways to infuse some mid century modern glamour to their home, large national home decor stores have come to the rescue.

Genuine collectors may turn up their noses or be largely unimpressed by the offerings of the larger lifestyle and home decor stores, which have a variety of pieces inspired by mid century designs. These new pieces are inspired and borrow creatively from mid century modern design pieces. They are "hybrid" pieces as it were. They are not entirely faithful to the original design, but borrow the spirit and creativity and wed it to contemporary sensibilities. Furniture with its Scandinavian simplicity would fit right in. Among the wares of home decor stores, there are many stylish chairs, leather couches, even sleek metal lamps available. These hybrid designs, while remaining loyal to the period, also blend in the constraints of the contemporary world. A few pieces that can simply change the character of the room are the Oviedo chaise lounge and Copenhagen denim chair. The Bel-Air oval coffee table, Petrie leather sofa, and Cavett leather chair are the interior designers 'go to' pieces to infuse some mid century modern glamour.

It is best to start with a mid size piece that stands out and adds bluster to your space, and slowly build around it. A large table instantly transforms a study. A leather couch does the same by dominating a living room. Modern offices are also elevated by this sleek retro look. Look for pieces that will become a conversation piece, but stay away from those with excessive detailing or embellishments. Look for pieces that are solid, simple, and comfortable. Try and identify dominant tones from the space and the structure of the building and work with pieces that reflect it, instead of adding too many jarring and different pieces, even if from the same period. Most importantly, enjoy bringing in some mid century modern design to your living space.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

5 Essential Qualities of a Foster Parent

Fostering a child is a life-changing thing—both for the child and the foster family. A child who has her life ripped apart before she even gets to kindergarten needs so many things, both material and intangible.

It’s up to the foster parents to provide those things for as long as the child is in foster care. Think of how a child will benefit infinitely from time spent in your loving home, surrounded by warmth and smiling faces.

  • Desire. But it’s not easy. Being a foster parent takes a lot of qualities that not everyone has; the first being desire. You have to want to enter the world of fostering children and want to be a foster parent. You aren’t doing it because you think it’ll be fun or you’ve always wanted to take a child to the zoo. Foster parenting is much more than that.
  • Love. You need lots of love. You’re not borrowing this child; you’re not renting her. You are becoming the primary caretaker for a beautiful life, and her well-being is your responsibility. The best part? Being a foster parent is fun. You do get to take her to the zoo, the pool, the park and the movies. You’ll show her what it’s like to live in a loving home.
  • Financial stability. Before resolving to foster a child, adequately research what your costs will be. Don’t shortchange yourself or the child. It’s a very cost-consuming endeavor being a foster parent, and you want enough overhead to run your home in addition to providing care for the child. Don’t trade your mortgage payment for her clothes.

  • Open heart and mind. White, blond and blue-eyed girls are the most popular children to adopt. But there are thousands of beautiful children out there who need homes. They don’t all share the same beliefs, backgrounds and ideas as you. And that’s what makes them beautiful. Be open to learning about another culture, it’s what the child will identify with most as she ages, and it’s one of the most important things she should know about her origins. Explore it with her and form an unbreakable bond.
  • Household with an active lifestyle. Don’t just say you want to go to the zoo, the pool, the park and the movies. Get outside and do it all. Show your foster child something new. Hey, show yourself something new and learn right alongside your child.

Foster parenting is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. You’re literally saving a life—and loving it.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Effective Alternatives to Air Conditioning

Summer gets hot. San Diego air conditioning bills soar in the summer, especially during those irregular heat waves, but as everyone knows, air conditioning is not cheap. Keeping the air conditioning on for even a few hours can put a big dent in your wallet.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had any professional air conditioning repairs, turning on your air conditioning system could actually be bad for your health, causing certain respiratory problems and contaminating indoor air. While nothing can really replace the cooling effects of air conditioning services, you might consider these effective alternatives the next time your home heats up.

An Open Window

You would be surprised how effective an open window can be. That will probably be your first mode of action before turning to your air conditioner. In some cases, it’s enough to thwart the heat, especially if you catch a breeze. If opening one window is not enough, open several. Try to create a through-breeze that travels into your home and allows hot air to travel out.

The time of day you open your window may also play a factor. Chances are your home will be super hot during the day and cool down at night. Open your windows at night to let in the cool air and close them during the day to trap that cool air.

Spray a bed sheet with cold water and use it to cover a window’s opening. The cool, damp sheet will cool the breeze as it passes through, bringing chilled air into your home. The sheet will also shade any sunlight from outside, keeping the temperature down even more.

Fan Power

Fans can be a big help in staying cool and are incredibly cheap. Place one fan facing in by a window and another fan pointing out at an opposite window. This will cause a nice “wind tunnel” effect and help that through breeze make its way through your house. Your ceiling fans can also help with this process.

Of course, fans can be pretty useless if your home is filled with hot air. All you’re doing is essentially blowing that hot air around. To create a simple, makeshift air conditioning system, fill a shallow bowl with ice cubes and place it in front of the fan. As the ice evaporates, the fan will blow the cool air through your home.

Ice and Other Things

A tried and true method of staying cool is wetting your wrists and other pulse points with a bit of cold water. Keep those spots cool by holding and ice cube wrapped in a small towel or face cloth against them. This gives immediate relief and can cool down the entire body for up to an hour.

Avoid generating lots of heat. On super hot days, don’t run the dry cycle on your dishwasher and try air drying your clothes instead of using the dryer. Turn off computers, TVs, and other electronics when they’re not in use as they can generate a lot of heat when left on. Standing over a hot stove will also substantially increase your temperature and your home’s… try a cold sandwich instead (with some ice cream for dessert!).