Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The “Butterfly Effect” of Physical Education

What’s the hardest thing about being a teacher? It’s not dealing with the principal, the parents or the students themselves. It’s not the pay or the hours, either. When you’re a teacher, especially a young teacher, the hardest thing is continually finding ways to inspire your students.

And it’s not for lack of trying; nowadays, students have smaller attention spans than ever, and inspiration is hard to come by. That problem is exponentially increased for physical education teachers, who also have to deal with robust rates of obesity among children (over 33 percent of children are overweight or obese). The problem here is difficult. In many cases, it’s the child who’s learned those habits from parents, and those habits are hard to break.

But all it takes is a tried-and-true PE program, one with the right PE equipment and physical education lesson plans to inspire students into achieving fitness.

When kids play fun games (even if they’re unaware of the active lesson) it’s beneficial for them. It’s even more beneficial when the games involve things that are familiar, like simple balls (footballs, soccer balls, or basketballs). The students can then perform at home the games they’ve learned at school. Parents can get involved, creating an atmosphere where athletics are welcomed instead of shunned at home. With any luck, the idea that sports can be played instead of watched will win the day, and the student will have changed his or her life course in terms of health.

All it took was one teacher who chose the right PE plan.

Physical education classes also have an affect on the child’s entire school day. With a bit of physical activity that gets the blood moving, the brain is more able to pay attention in class, and that squirmy, fidgety student is able to stay still and focus.

Once teachers around the school realize how beneficial it is to keep moving, perhaps they’ll be inspired in turn to integrate movement into their lesson plans.

Imagine an entire school using movement to keep their kids active, healthier and smarter.

If that happened, the school would produce more students who excelled at academics and athletics (instead of one or the other), which would catapult them into fantastic collegiate programs, earn them scholarships and give them a chance to become professionals in whatever field they chose.

And these days, there’s no substitute for a good college education. And believe it or not, it starts in elementary school. With one inspirational teacher.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Important Tune-Ups During a Cross-Country Road Trip

Nothing beats traveling on the open road with loved ones and your favorite tunes on the stereo. There’s that feeling of freedom mixed with the promise of adventure and novelty. The thought of creating new memories is refreshing.

The last thing you want to deal with in the midst of all that travel is a flat tire or overheating. A visit to the local auto body shop or dealer could cost you and put a damper on your fun. As such, a couple weeks before you set out on your road trip, it’s a good idea to get your car looked at by a professional, or tune-up your car yourself.

Vital Fluids

This won’t even require car lifts and could actually be done at home. Inspect your car’s vital fluids, especially the anti-freeze/coolant solution and engine oil. Your car’s manual should indicate the recommended grade and service classification of oil that will best suit your car. For proper lubrication, keep your engine oil at the “full” mark. As a general rule, you should change your oil every 3,000 miles, though you should check your owner’s manual as every vehicle differs.

Coolant is vital for weather extremes. If you plan on driving for long hours through desert conditions, your coolant will make sure your engine doesn’t overheat or sustain damage. Similarly, coolant ensures that your engine doesn’t freeze up in colder weather. Most cars use a 50-50 mixture of water and coolant. The coolant should never be over 70 percent. Don’t add plain water to your cooling system unless it is an emergency.

Tire Check

Checking and/or changing your tires at home can be made easier with tools like a tire changer and car lift. Flat tires tend to be one of the most frequent problems the average motorist has to deal with. On a road trip, even new tires can suffer some damage.

Check your car’s tires carefully. This includes the spare in your trunk. If the tires are worn down unevenly, you may have some problems with alignment, suspension, or wheel-balance. Worn tires should be replaced before the trip. Purchase tires that match the car maker’s specifications.

Under-inflation can increase the heat build-up in tires, which could lead to some dangerous results. Make sure to keep tires properly inflated. When you’re on the road, stop by a gas station and put some air into your tires until they’re at the proper pressure. Tire pressure specifications can be found in the owner’s manual or the driver’s side door jamb.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Must-Have Items for the Garage

While it’s often avoided either for its inherent spookiness or for a general lack of interest, the garage serves some important functions for the average living space. Of course, its primary use is to protect the car from bad weather. For most families, the garage also acts as an extended storage space for boxes, folding ladders, and stray basketballs.

The Boy Scouts’ motto is “be prepared,” which is a good idea for any homeowner. You never know when you might need to fix a fuse, replace a light bulb, or unclog a drain. Here are just a few must-have items for your garage.

A Ladder

It’s strange that most of the routine fix-ups seem so out of reach. A compact folding ladder is one of the simplest but most useful items you could store in your garage and an invaluable item for any homeowner. While they generally won’t be too expensive, it’s a good idea to invest in a good ladder that you can use in any part of the home.

Whether you need to clean the gutters, change a ceiling light bulb, or wash a second story window, a portable ladder will help you reach new heights with the greatest of ease.

A First Aid Kit

We are all prone to injuries, some more than others, and the garage presents more potential hazards than other parts of the home, especially for those men and women who enjoy building and repairing things on their own.

You might have a first aid kit inside the home, but it’s a good idea to keep one within easy reach in the garage. Just some of the things a basic first aid kit should contain include:

· Adhesive band-aids of varying sizes

· Sterile gauze in pads or rolls

· Antiseptic spray or towelettes to clean wounds

· Antibiotic cream or ointment

· Pain reliever (aspirin, acetaminophen, etc.)

· Benadryl (or other allergy medication)

A Tool Set

No home is exempt from those spontaneous maintenance issues. Even if you’re not the handyman, do-it-yourselfer, it’s a good idea to have at least a basic set of tools in the event of any emergencies, from faulty wiring to a leaky faucet.

While you might think a complete toolset is expensive, it’s nothing compared to the steep fees you might have to pay a plumber or electrician for a basic problem. Some of things to include in your tool set:

· A set of screwdrivers

· A wrench

· A hammer

· An Allen wrench

· Measuring tape

· Duct tape

· A handsaw

· Pliers/wire cutters

· An exacto knife

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Discover the Latest Trendy Glasses

One thing you need to know is that the price for some latest trendy glasses does not have to be too steep for you. With this, you will be able to benefit from a major discount especially if you purchase directly from certified dealer store. The designer sunglasses could be a costly aware for many people but you could find them at a discounted rate.

You need to ensure that you are able to fix the kind of glasses you go for with your facial features and shape. In terms of shape, three main points are important for you. The glasses need to be able to highlight your facial features. For instance, you could go for a blue frame if you have blue eyes etc. The shape of your face will determine the shape you choose for your glasses. As well, this shape of the frame should be able to scale your face size.

When you decide to go for the glasses, and your face in round in shape, you need to go for some angular as well as narrow glasses. The frames need to lengthen the face. You need to have frames with a clear bridge to widen the eyes. You could go for rectangular shaped frames.

When you have an oval face, you need to ensure that you keep a natural balance. You need to ensure that the glasses you go for are wider than your face. This should not be too deep or too narrow. You need to ask the person stocking the glasses for your facial type and have them recommend your shape as well as get a frame for you. With the best sunglasses, you will be able to ensure that you get the best for your money.

Hiving some designer sunglasses will provide you with the style you want. Be sure to choose the right color for you. Be sure to undergo the right color analysis before you decide to get the best glasses for you. There are three key color factors for you. Most people will look good in either a cool or a warm color of their frames.

As well, each individual will look good when his or her color base has been emphasized. As well, you need to have your eyewear compliment your complexion. These will be determined best with the use of a color palette. This is to be sure to match the color of the skin as well as eye and hair. This way, selecting the best sunglasses for you is the best method to look good. The best thing about going for designer glasses is to avoid having to go for cataract surgery because of eye cataracts which can be caused by strong sunlight. This is because the effects from the sunrays could cause some growth on your eyes that need to be surgically removed. This will ensure that you are well protected and stylish at the same time.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pull Off The Perfect Marriage Proposal

A lot of people may argue that there is no such thing as perfect, but it is certainly possible to come very close to it. Now it is also said that “Practice makes perfect”, or near perfect, well you know what I mean, let’s just say that it will definitely increase your chances of achieving your desired results. If this is so, and you are, say, a man who is at the point of his life where you feel that you are ready to settle down with the woman you love, then what you need to do is to...

Pull Off The Perfect Marriage Proposal.
As you may have deduced, you will have to put in lots of practice in order to be able execute this properly. It is a huge factor, but don’t just go practicing the wrong things! You may think that going down on one knee and saying the 4 magic words is easy, but expect things to get 10 times more difficult when you are under pressure, so you might want to repeat that gesture again and again before the big game. And by the way, it’s “Will you marry me”, not “Let’s go to Vegas”.
Practice is one thing, an while getting down on one knee and asking her to marry you might wow her, there’s still something missing. You need to be able to blow her away. Bring out the big artillery, bring out the diamond ring!

Expect this, however, to cost you a pretty penny. The average price for a diamond engagement ring is around $3,500 to $4000, and while some girls don’t care for it, there are definitely some that do, and it’s up to you to figure out what kind of girl YOUR girl is.

Now before you go through all this trouble, the very first thing you should do is to find out if your future fiancee wants to marry you AT ALL. Talk about it, it takes two to be married after all. Don’t wait until the moment of truth to get a rejection. When you propose, the answer has to be yes, and a Perfect Marriage Proposal always gets a “yes”.

May Flores is a multitasking maven who works for Brilliance Loose Diamonds. She’s able to squeeze in some freelance work between cooking up and delivering marketing material as a home-based writer for several blogs.

The Time is Now - 7 Reasons Why This Year is Ideal for Your Gap Year

Let’s face it, it’s not the best time of year is it. You’ve still got no money after Christmas, the nights are still far too dark and the prospect of a longed for holiday isn’t going to happen any time soon. As for cash-flow, it’s all going out!

If you can identify with the gloomy outlook then don’t worry, your problems are solved as 2012 is the perfect time to take a gap year or volunteer abroad.

Here are some reasons to seriously consider time out:-

The Economy is Rubbish

It is, it’s rubbish. There are only a handful of jobs around and it’s not going to get better quickly. And when it comes to young people – well you’ve seen the press reports. Over a million unemployed. What are you hanging around for?

You’ve Lost Your Job

Taking a year out isn’t exclusive to the younger generation. If you’ve lost your job and your family and financials are adding up then join in with the new trend. If you hate your job and you need time out, the same applies – there’s no better time than now. Come on, how many people out there are going through the daily grind and wishing there was more to life?

It’s Cheaper than Home

I’m not talking western Europe and its overpriced cities; the cost of living in areas like Latin America and Africa are so much cheaper than in the UK. Once you’ve covered your flight costs and secured accommodation or chosen your project, you can work your way through your trip.

You’ll See What Really Matters

And it isn’t all about you. No, really, it isn’t. Or about wearing the latest trendy gear. Be prepared for your whole perspective on life to be radically changed. Take a look at Costa Rica, for example. Head out there and help to build homes for the local families who are living without adequate sanitation (that’s running water and toilets to you and me). Exposed to the elements these vulnerable families rely on your help. Yes, you!

You’ll Make a Difference

It may be teaching children to speak English in Peru or maybe you want to work with orphans in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam? Projects like this look great on your CV when you decide to head home, but there’s no rush. Perhaps India is more your scene? Take a trip out to Goa and spend time teaching English to abandoned and homeless children. See what a difference you can make to their lives, never mind yours.

You’ll Discover Yourself

You’ll find a side to yourself you probably never knew existed. Get ready for a new emotion – humility! And if you prefer to work with animals, try working with elephants in Thailand. Spend time with the mahouts in Surin province preparing breakfasts of leaves and branches (for the elephants!) and spend your nights in a remote hill tribe village, learning what it’s really like living in desolate places. Be warned, you may well find this an emotional experience, it’s easy to become attached to those majestic creatures.

Oh, I nearly forgot, perhaps the most important reason of all …

You’ll Never Regret It!

In years to come you’ll be able to bore all of your family and friends with the exciting stories of what you did during your gap year. Of the time you went to volunteer abroad, surfed in Costa Rica, took an elephant ride through the jungles of Thailand or got lost in Ho Chi Minh City. The options are endless, as is the fun.

So, what are you waiting for?

Biog: Kate is looking forward to her next opportunity to volunteer abroad.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Kids on Camp: 5 Reasons Why Summer Camps Are Good for Your Kids

School holidays, don’t even mention them. They go on far too long, for the parents at least. They were never that long ‘in our day’ were they? So what do we do when it comes to school holidays? Do we beg friends and family, do we use all of our meagre holiday allowance just for the privilege of being on the receiving end of a litany of complaints about boredom?

Have you considered an adventure camp? You stay home and continue with your daily routine while the kids go and out and live it up at a supervised camp?

Not sure? Scared they might be OK without you? Worrying, isn’t it? Here are five reasons why allowing your children some time without you is good for everyone.

They’ll learn about risk-taking

If you’re the sort of parent that still tries to hold your son’s hand to the school gate when he’s 16, then listen up, that’s no good for him! Little Johnny - or Jemima – isn’t so little any more. They need to come out from under your wing. That doesn’t mean that they don’t need you but you have to let them do things without you being there.

What could be better than learning about risk taking in a supervised environment? White water rafting, rock climbing, abseiling (it’s fine, you aren’t there so you won’t have to cover your eyes), canyoning (no I’m not sure either. I suggest you don’t look it up), rope courses, glacier skiing – (ditto for abseiling) - the list is endless. It all takes place in the presence of experienced staff, not screaming parents.

It gets them away from the TV/computer/whatever their latest favourite gadget is

Are your offspring pale-faced from self-imposed isolation conversing with the people who live in their computer? Does their social life consist of battering online opponents down to a pulp on a virtual battlefield? Do they understand what a proper conversation is?

Once you’ve explained what ‘outside’ is to them, you allow them to experience a whole new phenomenon. Fresh air! What’s more, it’ll be a whole lot fresher out in the mountain terrain of somewhere like the French Alps.

Fresh air and nature!! What a novel combination.

They learn new skills

Their confidence and sense of self-esteem will soar as they find they’re actually quite good at rock climbing and trekking…OK, OK, swimming and golf if you insist. Until you’ve left them to it of course! And depending on the time of year, they may even learn what that white stuff is on top of the mountains. We call it snow.

They make lots of new friends

Be warned, they may not actually be that enthused at the prospect of coming home. Back to an overfussy, mainly embarrassing pair of parents or hanging out like the cool kid on the block with a new set of pals? Put yourself in their walking boots. What would you do?!

And yes, it’s true, you are an embarrassing parent. It’s a rite of passage. It’s OK, it happens to the best of us.

You get some rest!

Relax! Discover what your life is like without a pile of washing, acting as an unpaid taxi service and dealing with sullen sulks. Enjoy a well earned respite, it’s only temporary so make the most of it. (Warning: If you’re a married/cohabiting female, this part won’t change while your children are living it up on their hols but then you knew that, didn’t you?).

See, there’s nothing to worry about. Allow your children out of your sight for a few weeks on a summer camp this year. You’ll all benefit from the break but be prepared, they may have changed colour while they’re away. It’s called a sun tan.

Biog: Sue Patterson is looking forward to planning this year’s adventure camp for the children of Green Watch, Lincoln

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What’s Really Scary About Social Media?

It is a great creative way to look at social media at this time of year and tie it in with what people think is scary about using social media.

Leading the Way: 5 Online Apps That Will Boost Your Productivity

The world has its head in the cloud. The online world has seen a notable increase, thanks to the volcanic increase in smart phone use in the US, in cloud-dependent apps. But do all those apps actually do anything? Luckily, the answer is yes: a number of top software developers have made it easy, efficient, and cheap to organize your life and make you more productive. Learn how to lead the way with these five online productivity apps.

Google Docs
Google retains the leading edge in online productivity, offering a complete set of online tools—for free, no less—comparable to Microsoft Office. Its Google Docs application opens just about every proprietary Microsoft Document, including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. In addition, users can originate files in those formats and distribute them, all without ever having to purchase Microsoft Office. Its online editing tools, including online collaboration, make it the online productivity app set to beat.

Evernote has emerged of late as the king of note taking applications. The concept is simple: you write a note, hit “ok,” and that note syncs with the web. You can then access that note on just about any device that connects to the Internet: Evernote’s spectacular coding team has produced apps that integrate flawlessly on PC, Mac, Android, Blackberry or IOS devices.

In the early days of the web, nothing was more frustrating than moving big files. Now it’s a part of the way we interact with the web, especially when it comes to business. Dropbox game-changed the web when it introduced a fully functional “online hard drive” that users can access anywhere. All a Dropbox user needs to do is download the app, install it, and put files in a folder. Those files are then accessible anywhere an Internet connection is present. Like Evernote, fully functional apps are available for just about any computing platform.

Remember the Milk
The most productive apps are often the simplest, and remember the Milk is no exception. The service is simply an online to do list—nothing more, nothing less. You can have the program send you SMS reminders, integrate with your Google Calendar, or you’re your iPhone’s Siri app. Staying on task has never been easier.

A data movement and conversion powerhouse, ThinkFree offers apps that help you access and convert documents without having to think twice. Most notable for its MyOffice app, which made PDF and Microsoft Office files readable on Android, Windows Mobile, and iPhone devices, ThinkFree’s online app seamlessly integrates the world of Microsoft Office across a number of platforms. Many smart phones come pre-installed with this software.
When it comes to staying productive, maybe it is best to have your head in the cloud. Thanks to simple, functional apps like Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox, Remember the Milk, and ThinkFree, integrating your life into the web is now practical—making it easy to lead the way in both business and pleasure.
Tom writes on behalf of DLProg who addresses an important gap in international thinking and policy about the critical role played by leaders, elites and coalitions in the politics of development. Read more about The Leadership Program and the Pacific Leadership Program at

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4 Easy Tips for a Smoother Morning Routine

Even in our adult years, mornings are difficult. Not every morning is like high school or college where we hit the snooze button for an hour, but many mornings feel like we should. Just because we have stricter responsibilities as adults doesn't mean we don't want to throw a tantrum like children when our alarms go off in the wee hours of the morning. But, of course, we don't. We wake up every morning and get ready for our days at work, taking care of the kids, tending the house, or whatever else we have to do. Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Rather than start out your day struggling, try these four tricks to help your mornings run more smoothly.

Make Breakfast Beforehand

Take the time the night before to prepare breakfasts for the week or a portion of the week to come. This can cut down your preparation time in the morning and allow you to sleep more in the morning or actually relax some. Things like muffins, toast, bagels, and other things that can be thawed easily are great options. I like to make a batch of a dozen muffins on Sunday evening and then have two of those in the mornings with a banana or apple. Not having to worry about making breakfast in the mornings is a quick and easy way to save you some time and stress getting to work or other obligations.

Prepare Your Work Lunch the Night Before

Additionally, I like to prepare my week's lunches on Sunday evening, so that they are set and ready to go. I'll usually just put together various leftovers in different lunch sized portions, so that I can just grab and go. If you do not have leftovers from previous meals, you can try cooking several things and then freezing them for lunches in the future. Make an entire batch of one of your favorite meals and freeze lunch sized portions. Stocking up like this helps you save time all around and is a wonderful way to save money at work. Along this same line of thought, you can try to have your meals for that evening at least planned for the week. There is nothing more stressful and draining than having to go to the grocery store immediately after work. Plan out your weekly dinners and lunches before you week begins so that you can avoid any added stress.

Have Clothes Chosen for the Week

While this may sound silly, it really is a great way to save some time in the morning. While every day may feel like the first day of school where you pick out your favorite outfit, it can be extremely helpful for you morning routine. Pick out your clothes the night before and lay them out ready to go in the morning. Pick out the shoes, accessories, makeup, and get your bag packed for the morning. Be sure to look up the weather for the following day, so that you can be sure to choose an appropriate outfit.

Actually Get Sleep

This tip is most certainly easier said than done, but it is nonetheless endlessly important. Try to get an appropriate amount of sleep at night. With preparing so many things in the evening to spare your mornings, you may have to work hard to get to sleep on time. Sleep is essential to staying calm under stress and feeling prepared for your day. Do all that you can to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Try to avoid things that will keep you up at night. Turn off your computer and television at least 30 minutes before you plan to try to sleep. Do things that will help you mellow out after your day, so that you can sleep soundly.


This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Art of Tarot Card Reading

Are you are searching for a way to discover answers about life, love and happiness? Are you unsure of your relationship or your future? A Tarot reading may help you to find the purpose and fulfillment that you seek. Some readers use astrology as well as clairvoyant acuity to create insight and find answers. Here you'll find information as to how a tarot card reading works.

What are tarot cards?
Originating in Italy, the Tarot are a set of cards that have been around for over 500 years. A deck is made up of seventy-eight cards. The two parts of the Tarot are the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana are twenty-two pictures cards that portray meanings of different concepts, ideas and basic truths. They depict major events or areas of life and long-term energies. The Minor Arcana are fifty-six cards in four different suits. Each wand, sword, cup or pentacle suit has ten cards and also includes the four court cards: the King, Queen, Knight and Page. They represent the more applicable daily life.
Both Arcana can be put into a spread to allow the readers, commonly psychics, to answer questions and assist with the client's purpose.

What is a spread?
After creating a relaxing atmosphere, the reader will ask the client to focus on their specific question while shuffling and cutting the decks. The spread is simply the way or the pattern in which the tarot cards are arranged on the table. There are many ways to arrange the spread using various numbers of cards. The three card spread uses three card lain from left to right. They represent past, present and future. The five card spread uses five cards lain in an arc from left to right. These cards represent the client's present position, their desires, the unexpected, their immediate future and the outcome. One of the most common spreads is the Celtic Cross. It uses ten cards, six of which form a cross and four that form a line beside it. Each position has a meaning, just as every card has a meaning.

What do the different cards mean?
During the Tarot reading, cards have varying significance depending on where they fall in the spread. Here are a few of the Major Arcana face cards and their varied meanings:
-The Fool- Often means beginning or faith. Can also be interpreted as taking risks or confronting fears.
-The Magician- Normally points to available talent or tapping into one's full potential. Can mean action or concentration, even power.
-Death- Interpreted as the end of something, maybe a relationship. Can also be a transition.
-The High Priestess- She is said to guard your subconscious. When she is dealt you may need to reflect more on the situation. Can be read as mystery or nonaction.
-The Lovers- Obviously points to a relationship where decisions may need to be made. Also, reflects sexuality and values.
-The Wheel of Fortune- Often means a change in life or destiny. Can mean the end of a problem or a gain of some kind.

How do you read the cards?
Intuition plays a large part in a Tarot reading. The reader has the skill to interpret each card and tell its story. They read the energies of the cards and tell the client how they will be affected.
The client should prepare for the reading by having in mind the questions they want answered and what kind of information they want to receive.

Keep an open mind and regard the Tarot reading as a tool to spiritual reflection.

Jane, psychic from England and tarot reading expert.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Teaching Kids to Build Humility

Moms and dads are always the best people with best words to say about their children. Almost every mom and dad would say that their kids are the smartest or the most beautiful gifts from God. Of course, they love their children that they would always tell the world that they have the most precious offspring. This is just a biased opinion usually made by parents. However, though they are too fanatic of their kids, parents are still responsible in raising their children to possess the good traits in life.

No matter how great our kids nowadays, we, parents, still want to teach our children more good things. Humbleness is the trait that parents would always want their children to be. In fact, this trait is commonly possessed by all great leaders. Thinking good things for others not only just for themselves is the best attitude that your kids could have.

Here are the guidelines for parents to teach their kids to be humble at all times:

1.  By teaching your kids the good traits to possess, parents should be a role model. As their leader, you need to be the example of everything. Show what humbleness is through your actions. The first training zone of every child begins at home. Find ways that can show that being good to others and thinking best for other people more highly than one’s self is the best trait that they could ever have. Explain also the difference of being humble from being a doormat. It’s not because you are humble, others can already take advantage of you. It’s not that. You also need to tell them what the right things to do to make others realize that they should also need to be good.

2.  Building the self-confidence of your kids is important when achieving the trait of humility. Though it seems to be ironic to think that humility begins with self-acceptance and self-confidence, these are truly indeed the ingredients that a person must have to also build humility among them.

3.  By teaching your kids to aim achievements and dream to be the best in everything, you can practice your children to be humble. This may seem to be contra-indicative but humbleness will obviously be shown when a person has something to be proud of yet they still show humility of not boasting any of their achievements to others.

4.  As their parents, we are responsible to show a lot of affection to your children unconditionally. To train them to be a great person, you need to let your kids understand that they are loved not because they are the smartest kids or the most talented children. Make your children feel that you love them because they are your children.

Sharmanlow, a writer by heart and a loving friend, loves her hot tub spa and jacuzzi spas

Finding Love Online

In these days of ever-increasing technological change, many things that you would previously have done over the phone or in person can be done online. Almost anything can be done on the internet, from shopping for groceries and paying bills to booking holidays and buying a car. If you didn't have to go to work, you could probably never leave home again.
Dating is no exception to this. There are many online dating sites and they can be a great way to meet people, as long as you are careful and follow a few basic guidelines
With so many available, choosing an online dating site can be tricky. Many sites focus on a particular age range or vocation and this can be a good way of narrowing down the number of sites you look at. The cost of joining varies, with totally free online dating hard to find. Although most sites will let you have a look at some profiles for free, you will usually have to pay a fee before you can contact other site users.
Writing your profile is probably the hardest part of dating online. Getting your personality across well without sounding big headed can be very difficult. Be honest, though, as there is no point in lying about yourself.
You will always be found out in the end. However, there is nothing wrong with keeping a few things quiet - you want to create a good impression so there's no need to confess to your irrational hatred of puppies right away! A bit of mystery is always good too. Mention a few interesting things about yourself without going into too much detail. Leave them wanting to find out more. On the whole, aim for an upbeat tone, be positive and don't be afraid to sell yourself a little.
You will meet lots of people at online dating sites, so be open minded about who you chat to. It can be hard not to judge people on their appearance when that is all the information you have, so give them a chance. However, if anyone is insulting or makes you feel uncomfortable, feel free to ignore them and block further messages. Don't get drawn into continuing a conversation if you don't want to. It is also important to stay safe: never give out your address and only reveal your phone number or email address when you have a good idea of what a person is like.

Once you find someone you click with, just stay positive and keep chatting. You'll eventually want to meet them in person. When you do, be sure to stay safe - meet in a public place, tell someone where you are going and arrange a lift home in advance or take your own car. It is very different talking face to face than over the internet, as you have no option of editing what you say. Having a few drinks can help you relax, but don't have so many that your judgement is affected. Remember that being drunk is not an attractive quality!
Online dating can be a great way to meet people in this digital age and the stigma associated with it initially is all but gone. As long as you don't expect to meet your soul mate immediately and treat the experience as a way to meet new people, you will have fun and may well end up finding love online.
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Smart Gift Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Memorable

Mother’s day is an ideal occasion which is celebrated to honor all darling mothers with some special gifts. It is the perfect day to express your love and gratitude for the hardships in taking care of the entire family and specially kids. In fact the occasion calls for celebration so that you can make your mother feel happy and delighted. Every person on this earth has mother who bring up their wards with boundless love and care. By selecting a special mother’s day gift each person must feel obliged to their mothers who spend years and years and also sacrificing her own interests before their kids. One of the most practical mother’s day gift can be cookbook or crockery set. It is important as mothers spend most of their time in cooking and doing kitchen. You can select some unique or different designs and patterns of the crockery or dinner set in stylish looks.
Make this mother’s day special with unique gift ideas
Mother is a godly figure gifted to man with some special qualities. The mother word is deeply associated with the feelings of sweetness, affectionate and politeness. Mother’s day is celebrated on May 8 every year for the most loved person in your life. Mother is a picture of affection and love. You can celebrate your relationship on mother’s day with different creative themes and gifts ideas. Mother's Day ideas are mostly reflected on the crafts, cards, gifts and recipes in a systematic order. It is the best day to express how much you love your mother and t you really care for her. Giving gifts to your mother involves careful selection that depicts your feelings and understanding. In order to select a perfect gift then you must acknowledge about likings and disliking of your mother so that you can opt something special on this mother's day.
Best Options for All Time
You can make this day a very special occasion by celebrating motherhood with something unique and innovative ideas. It is a time to understand as well as please mothers and make sure that you put enough thought while organizing the gifts, cards, flowers, candy and a meal in a restaurant. Mother's gifts ideas can series from a variety of things from a cluster of her much loved flowers to a perfume or a dress of her favorite color as per her personality and style. Nothing is more special than a gift with a personal touch and one of the most popular options for a gift is jewelry. Celebrate mother’s day by gifting a special diamond gift or any kind of jewelry to your lovely mother. The beauties of diamond definitely charm them and brighten her special day in the form of beautiful designs and structures. When you add some personalized touch in your gift it will surely make it more precious on the Mother's Day. With the help of some tech savvy gadgets and products, the whole family can create a scrapbook, collage, posters or can upload pictures on different blogs with unique ideas to impress your mom. You are familiar with your mother and it is your idea that will touch her heart everything from personalized candles to personalize picture frame.

Know About her Needs and Hobbies
A complete collection of cookbook will serve to the complete Mother's Day gifts gallery. Mothers also help in developing their kid’s personalities and crediting them for the same is something one should do on the mother’s day. A thoughtful photo frame or digital camera proves better through which you can make this Mothers Day memorable for the both of you for longer duration. For those mothers who love and admire nature will like indoor plants, herbs, flowers as gifts, that definitely add to the exquisiteness of your home and bring freshness in overall home surroundings. Now, that every person has realized how important to express your love on Mother's Day you can make it valuable with innovative gift ideas too. One must carefully search for Mother’s Day gift ideas which easily shows your care and your mother also find them useful as well. Since gifts must be selected on the nature of the relationship that you share and Mother's Day gift ideas should be according the likings or disliking. Mother’s Day gift ideas can be categorized under different headings including moms to be, single moms, home makers, working moms, mother-in-law and grandmothers as very category has special mother's day gift ideas.
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Gardener: Focus on Foliage

Homeowners planning decorative gardens usually think of designs planned around flowers. While flower gardens are lovely, today’s gardeners are increasingly drawn to designs that focus on foliage as the main element. While flowers bloom and fade as the season progresses, foliage offers vibrant color and texture throughout the growing season.

Plan a Foliage Garden

The term “foliage” refers to the leaves on individual plants and groupings of plants. A nearly endless variety of plants are available in an array of vibrant leaf colors. A wide variety of plant shapes, sizes and textures allow gardeners to create stunning looks to suit any location. When planning a foliage garden, take time to consider the characteristics and needs of each plant.

Foliage Plant Colors

Foliage plants are available in colors ranging from creamy white to deep purples and burgundies. Some leaves are blue or nearly black, while others are various shades of gold, green or yellow. Leaves may be a single color, or variegated with stripes or spots. Some of these colorful plants produce flowers. Removing these blooms helps keep the plant lush and full.

Choosing Plants for Color

When choosing foliage for color, do a little research. Sunlight and temperature can affect leaf color. Some plants need full sun and will lose color in the shade. Others require full shade for full color. Some plants show color only in the fall, while others are colorful throughout spring and summer. When selecting plants, consider both the desired appearance and the environment in which the plant will grow.

Choosing Plant Textures

When it comes to texture, most people think of the tactile nature of leaves. Leaves may be smooth, furry, or spiny. While tactile characteristics are a consideration, visual texture is the most important element of garden design. For example, a gardener may choose the narrow, upright leaves of ornamental grass to create a fountain-like accent. Other plants create mounding or carpeting effects. Fine, medium and coarse textures affect the look of the garden in different ways.

Fine Textures

Plants with fine textures tend to make gardens appear larger while adding a graceful, delicate look. These plants have small leaves or blossoms and bring a light, airy feel to the garden. A classic example of a fine-leafed plant is the maidenhair fern with its graceful fronds. Trees and shrubs, such as the Japanese maple and dwarf yew, may also bring fine textures to the garden.

Medium Textures

Medium textures provide the foundation of the garden, creating a background against which other textures stand out. These plants have medium-sized leaves with simple shapes and smooth edges. Medium textures act as a unifying element that connects coarse and fine textures, and can also add a playful or sensual quality to the garden. Scented geraniums provide a splash of color and release an aroma when brushed. Lamb’s ear provides an enticing, furry texture.

Coarse Textures

Coarse textures create a bold impact in the garden. Plants with coarse textures have large leaves or blossoms and tend to make gardens feel smaller. Used as accents, these plants attract the eye and create interesting focal points. The variegated yucca, with its thick, sword-shaped leaves, creates a dramatic vertical accent. A large group of low-growing ice plant adds a lush, bluish-green contrast.

This year, consider devoting a <b>small garden</b> bed to foliage plants for a look that adds new dimension to the landscape.

Harrison writes for about bonsai trees, tools and bonsai tree care. Recently he published a post about bonsai starter trees and a post on bonsai pots.

The Amazing Pig… what do you know about ?

Who’s the World’s Top Model? The Fashion

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Via The Fashion Spot
The Fashion Spot went in search of the answer to this burning question. For our tally, we ignored the power earners like Gisele and Kate Moss and sought out the most in-demand models dominating the runways, magazines, ad campaigns, and social media in the past year. Think you know who’s on top? See how your favorites measure up in the race for the top spot.

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Why Is Tea Tree Oil So Good For The Skin?

Tea tree oil which is also referred to as melaleuca oil is a yellowish oil that is extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil) after they have been steamed. The oil has a unique scent which is close to that of nutmeg. This oil is very important because it can be used as a natural remedy to many ailments at home. This is because the oil has a medicinal value and other properties which are essential in killing and inhibiting most micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungus and even viruses.

Uses of tea tree oil

Acne treatment; tea tree oil can be used as a natural or home remedy in treating acne. This is because it is rich in anti-bacterial properties which when the oil is applied on areas that are affected by acne, the oil is able to clear it. The oil is also important because it kills bacteria in the bodythus boosting the immune system leading to a reduction in inflammation due to acne hence clearing/healingof this disease andthe scars that may have been left. This oil is usually applied on areas that are affected by acne before going to bed and rinsed the following day in the morning.

Treatment of boils and carbuncles; because of its anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, tea tree oil can beused in curingcarbuncles and boils. When used, the oil will hasten the healing process and finally help in relieving the discomfort which is linked with these two ailments. This is usually applied by dipping some cotton in the oil followed by rubbing the boils with that cotton gently and this should be done severally until the boils heal and clear completely.

Halitosis, plaque and inflamed gums treatment

Since tea tea tree oil is rich in antibacterial properties, when used it is able to kill all the bacteria which may be present in the mouth. This is important as these bacteria are the ones that are responsible for bad breath when they work on food particles that may have remained in the mouth. This oil is also useful in clearing irritations in the mouththat may have resulted from dental procedures. This is applied by adding some drops of the oil in warm water and then use this mixture as a mouthwash. For better results, it is advisable to use the mixture two tothree times a day. A drop of this oil can also be added to toothpaste as you brush your teeth as this will help the gum and clear plaque that may have accumulated on teeth.

Yeast infection treatment
Tea tree oil is very effective in treatment of yeast infections more especially vaginalyeast infection. This is prepared by mixing some parts of tea tree oil and alcohol making it appear milky like. A drop of this mixture is then taken and mixed with water that is used in rinsing the vagina on a daily basis. If used properly, then the mixture will be able to clear the infectionbut pregnant women are not recommended to use this oil as it may have side effects which may be a threat to the developing fetus.

Other uses of tea tree oil include: treatment of canker sores, sore throat and congestion treatment, warts treatment among others.

Tea tree oil is great for the skin,  you too can improve your skin with tea tree oil get some today!

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Weird And Wonderful Uses Of Solar Energy

As photovoltaic technology evolves, it is less dependent on rigid, fixed arrays of cells and can be adapted to a number of uses. Solar panels now generate electricity in the most unusual places. As centrally-generated power costs increase, designers everywhere are looking afresh at the flexibility offered by photovoltaic (PV) technology. Research and development have led to an increasing range of possibilities for PV panels across all types of products.
Recharging Batteries
The US military is currently experimenting with a number of systems designed to reduce consumption of fossil fuels in remote locations and one option is a giant collapsible solar panel designed to be man-portable and charge radio batteries in a few hours. The 10-pound Rucksack Enhanced Portable Power System (REPPS )panel folds into a small pouch and can charge the latest generation of radio batteries. The military are currently expanding the range of rechargeable batteries in their inventory. This technology could benefit remote communities everywhere.
Product Integration
If you are on the move, solar panels can now be integrated into backpacks themselves. Infinit make a solar powered bag with integrated charger for multiple appliances – ranging from a PSP gaming system to a Blackberry and everything in between, the only thing that the current model will not charge is a notebook, but subsequent iterations will almost certainly produce more voltage. For participants in long-range foot races such as the Marathon des Sables, the advantages seem obvious.
Sales reps traditionally have a hard time with their equipment. Stuck on the road for days at a time, with batteries that often cut out during transmission of a particularly important e-mail exchange, salvation is at hand with a new solar charging unit for laptops, courtesy of, which will run laptops under 40 watts and all manner of consoles from a USB output.
Inflatable solar concentrators allow a solar array to be set up in minutes. What’s even better is that they are made of largely recycled materials and will work in any weather. Cool Earth produces a range of easily maintained reflectors that take the place of traditional, glass-mounted PV panels. Ideal for developing communities and those who need to move their power source around, they are equipped with a steel strut and a harness that allows them to be securely bolted to a locally-manufactured array, thus reducing construction costs and environmental impact.
Solar Products for Festivals
Festival-goers will be nostalgic for the delights of a damp tent in the middle of an English field as their favourite band performs a set on a distant stage. With festivals lasting four or five days and power sources several hundred metres away, a solar powered tent might be the solution to a slightly more comfortable existence. Orange, already providing the official phone charging facility concession to festivals everywhere, have taken the concept one step further and commissioned a solar tent covered in photovoltaic material which will provide enough power to drive a wireless hub, an internal heating element, and recharge different mobile phones.
For more information on solar panel installation, and the benefits of installing solar power in your own home, take a look at Solar Contact'swebsite.

Diet Tips: 5 Ways to Boost Your Willpower When Losing Weight

Are you dieting? How is your willpower doing? If you are struggling with it there are plenty of methods you can use to help you reach your weight loss goal more easily than you would otherwise.

Don’t deprive yourself of food when you are hungry

Who says you have to stick to three meals a day? If you only eat three times a day there is every chance you aren’t eating when you are really hungry. This is a major test of your willpower and it is totally unnecessary. When you are hungry, simply eat enough to satiate that hunger.

Reduce your portion sizes

How big are your portions? Reducing them is easy to do and it gives you the ability to take in fewer calories and thus lose weight more readily. By eating sensibly you will boost your willpower more than you would think. And if you are full before you finish your portion size, leave the rest on the plate.

Make small changes on a regular basis

Changing your whole diet overnight can be overwhelming and difficult to keep up. So pick a few changes at a time and focus on each one individually. Reduce the amount of sugar you have in your coffee. Stop eating biscuits and swap them for fruit instead. Make smaller changes and feel better for it.

Take up an enjoyable form of exercise

Exercise shouldn’t be a drudge. Choose something you love to do and do small amounts of it every day if you can. You’ll get a dose of the feel good hormone that is released when you take exercise, and this boosts your mood and your willpower and determination too.

Don’t deny yourself your favorite foods

Why tell yourself you can’t eat chocolate when you can simply reduce the amount you have? This is by far the best way to approach those foods you would find it hard to give up. A little of what you enjoy when you are hungry will maintain your willpower and your weight loss in one fell swoop.


Willpower is stronger on some days than others. But as you can see it is easier than you might think to maintain it at a fairly steady level. If you can put the rules above into action right now, your weight loss could be a lot easier to achieve as a result.

This guest post was written by Alex from Lauras Wholesome Junkfood - where you can find lots of tasty, healthy cakes and a nice vegan cookie or two.