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Mixed media Poster print Emporium of Transport New Orleans 1910 art wall decor

Emporium of Transport New Orleans art wall decor with a beautiful Illustrator with fabulous textures on cotton canvas great vintage look art print inspirited from old photos

More info here

By Artistico (BUY IT)

I love from this art wall the colors …are rich textures and bold .. in person is more beautiful ….

NOTICE : see the second photo for beautiful closer details

This listing is size:11,69 X 16,535 inches print fantastic details and gold leafing 24K , acrylics, satin varnish
It is printed with Archival High Quality inks.
All my prints Signed, dated by artist.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Canal Street New Orleans mixed media Poster print art wall decor

Canal Street New Orleans mixed media Poster

By Artistico (BUY IT)

Mixed media Poster print Canal Street New Orleans art wall decor with a beautiful Illustrator with fabulous textures on cotton canvas great vintage look black white inspirited from old photos

For days i worked in this poster and the finish results are super .. i am real happy about … and my materials are the best

Canal Street New Orleans

This listing is size:11,69 X 16,535 inches print fantastic details and gold leafing 24K , acrylics, satin varnish
It is printed with Archival High Quality inks.
All my prints Signed, dated by artist. MORE INFO HERE

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Giveaway for September : All You Need Is Love Typography Poster Print on cotton canvas

Giveaway Time …Play and win a beautiful poster on cotton canvas

All You Need Is Love

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By Artistico 

Prize value: $30

Where it can be won: Worldwide

Rules to win

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The Giveaway start 08/28/2011 and Ending 09/29/2011 .

The Winner WE shall Know who is in 09/30/2011

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

Cyclones t he dynamics of Disaster Now hurricane IRENE is here. Looks 'Terrifying' God help and protect all of them

  NASA astronaut Ed Lu took this image of the ey...


Storm spikes are often probably the most damaging part of a hurricane. Like a hurricane’s winds spiral all around and around the storm, they force water into a pile in the storm’s heart. This pile of water turns into dangerous when the hurricane actually reaches area since it causes flooding across the coast. Whenever a tornado is responsible for extensive damage or death, the World Meteorological Organization can vote to retire a name. .


A tropical cyclone is really a hurricane system characterized by a huge low-pressure center and several thunderstorms that create powerful winds and high rain. Many people have been labeling tornados for years and years. Hurricanes in the West Indies had been the first one to receive names. The very first people that offered names to hurricanes were people who knew them best - the people of Puerto Rico. The little isle of Puerto Rico is in the West Indies, from the coastline of Florida.

My heart goes out to those on the East Coast, stay safe

You can find at this time 74 retired names which includes 2005's Hurricane Katrina and 1992's Tornado Andrew . Upgrading Katrina and also the other retirees in 2011 are going to be Don, Katia, Rina, Sean and Whitney, relating to an NOAA news release. Suggestions for hurricane names come from everywhere. They are usually retired for one of two explanations, possibly given that they had been particularly damaging or especially deadly. They are retired only when they cause significant destruction or use a huge death toll.

Hurricane names are remade every six years. Names could be French, Spanish, or English simply because these are definitely the main languages in the area.and was created on January 27, 2008 and Store . They aren't re-used when they belonged with a especially dangerous hurricane


Live updates from Hurricane Irene

They are provided in alphabetical order working with 6 founded lists. They which were not assigned are marked in gray . It will also be better to remember and communicate than the usual number or grid

Research. Hurricanes are began by tropical depressions over water which is at minimum 80 degrees. They are heat engines supported through the release of the hidden heat of condensation when everything water condenses. They may include and release enough power to provide energy to the usa for a 12 months. They are named alphabetically, many years in advance and beginning the alphabet over each year. Hurricanes had been very first named in the West Indies.

The first storm names had been usually borrowed from forecasters' wives, however in 1979 men's names had been added to the combo, as well. A few Atlantic hurricane names, Gustav, Ike and Paloma, are already retired immediately after causing death and destruction from the 2008 Hurricanes are named to ensure that we are able to recognize and monitor them because they move over the ocean. They are nearly always created in tropical areas however they might move into non-tropical waters. They are produced when warm, humid air increases on the heated seas from the equator. They are powerful thunder storms that can cause life- and property frightening dangers for example surging, hurricane spike,strong winds and tornadoes. Hurricanes that get into the stage one category are usually mild, even though resulting rain may cause large damage to infrastructure.

Hurricanes could cause millions of dollars in destruction. They are damaging and deadly often follow what they let you know to do and prepare. They are grouped based on the power with their winds while using Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. Hurricanes are calculated 1 to 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale.


Hurricane Irene barrels down on major East Coast cities Learn more about here

Hurricane Irene, a category 1 event with wind surges topping 80 miles per hour at times, battered the Tri-State area of  New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut early Sunday morning and is surging toward New England.  The hurricane is affecting those along the shoreline and several miles inland. Google's Crisis Response center offers a Google Map storm tracker of Irene. The FCC said the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) has rolled out four roll call units to poll police, fire, emergency medical communications systems, and TV and radio stations along the eastern coastline.  These units will provide first responders and carrier repair teams information about what wireless communications are up or down in their area. Full article

The 2010 report on hurricane names is similar list used for 2004. The 2011 list of hurricane names is similar list applied for 2005. Tropical cyclones has sorted out into 3 major categories, according to intensity: tropical depressions, tropical thunder storms, and a third group of more intense storms, whose name depends upon the location Hurricanes are cyclones that rock the northern hemisphere and strong tropical storms are the cyclones of the southern hemisphere. They are a tropical weather system that typically forms over the oceans. They are unknown and sometimes threaten coming disaster but pass without having serious impact. Hurricanes are one of many most dangerous forces on the planet. Atlantic is assigned six lists of names, with one list used every year. Storms who were serious enough and received plenty of attention get provided for hurricane name heaven.That form in the Western Pacific ocean are called Typhoons. List will only change if the hurricane is really damaging. Category depends on wind-speed, not pressure. Everyone was taking the work 'hurricane' seriously.


Time to think about the unthinkable

Hurricane is a city in the Putnam County, which was founded in 1848. It can blend tornado surge, strong winds, tornadoes and torrential rains into a catastrophic combination Hurricane is a dramatic way to bring home the thought for the necessity of insurance coverage. It is hitting at the time when tides are highest, which can be quite a deadly combination. Katrina was pretty bad felt the effects of Rita. It was similar but actually worse for Mississippi than for Louisiana

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is a North Atlantic tropical cyclone that inflicted extensive damage to Caribbean nations before making landfall in North Carolina, on the East Coast of the United States. The ninth named storm, the first hurricane and the first major hurricane of the 2011 season, Irene formed from a well-defined Atlantic tropical wave that showed signs of organization east of the Lesser Antilles. It developed atmospheric convection and a closed cyclonic circulation center, prompting the National Hurricane Center to initiate public advisories on the tropical cyclone late on August 20. Subsequent convective organization occurred as it passed the Leeward Islands, and by August 21, it moved very close to Saint Croix. The next day Irene made landfall at hurricane strength near Puerto Rico, where high winds and intermittent torrents caused significant property damage. Full story

Irene 2005 never came ashore and only reached Category 2. Irene is a big storm. Hurricane-force winds extended up to 60 miles from the storm's center, and tropical storm winds were found 230 miles out. Irene has been upgraded to a Category 3 hurricane, packing 115mph winds. It is a category one hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale. More info here

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Halloween night trick or treat Ghosts and goblins, Spooks galore, Scary Witches at your door .. Halloween is almost upon us.

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Halloween is a pagan feast part of Satanism, idolatry, witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, and also the occult. Hollow’s eve isn't a common public holiday in the Europe and never celebrated in the nationally range. It is actually an yearly event that's celebrated on October the 31st every season. It really is typically celebrated in the same way between the two countries of Canada and the USA .

By KasketKustoms (BUY IT)

This gorgeous piece is made from an adjustable sterling silver plated ring. The artwork is sealed under a 1 inch crystal clear domed glass cabochon.


It's celebrated in the USA, during South America the Day of the Dead continues to be celebrated for hundreds of years. It actually famous in the United States, Canada and also the Uk. Halloween night has its own beginning from the British Isles about 1300 years back. Hallow's eve is really a enjoyable, and scary, time of the year for children. It's the majority awaited event of the season, particularly for adults and kids.

By craftsforangels (BUY IT)

his tea set was designed for many hours of play time fun.This set will bring so much fun to the holidays.The set was designed very sturdy to last a long time.

Halloween has turned to a excellent holiday break, filled with fun ghoulish designs and stupid fancy dress costumes. Halloween is a superb enjoyable evening that's celebrated on 31st Oct. It is the period of dress-up, make-believe and fun. Dress up in scary costumes and still have a lot of exciting with best friends and family.

Zombie Face Halloween Makeup Tutorial GREAT MAKEUP TUTORIAL

It might be an enjoyable holiday for the kids, however for mother and father, trick-or-treat time could be a little terrifying. Halloween night is an extremely aged holiday, going back pagan practices, yet it becomes more popular every year. It's just a demon glorifying, the lord repels, and devil inspired holiday.

by pinkquartzminerals (BUY IT)

Halloween Makeup Zombie Kit vegan makeup non-toxic kid safe lead free. Great for Zombie Prom!

Halloween is often a time for special event, parties, Halloween costumes and scariness. It is full of fancy dress outfits and sweets, trick-or-treating and frightening haunted houses, pumpkins and black cats. Additionally it is referred to as Cabbage Evening and Trick-or-Treat Evening. . Halloween night will be the night of the season when ghouls and witches are most effective. It will be the saddest evening of year nowadays simply because I'm shy. It can be that time of the year where almost everything could happen. It is one and there are many others localized and globalized activities happening each year.

By FrogPrincePaperie (BUY IT)

Trick or treat, candy is sweet, print out something for a Halloween birthday that’s really neat!

Halloween is based on a historical Celtic holiday plus the name ‘Halloween’ means ‘Winter’s End’. It is lurking coming soon, this means it is time to break out your decorations. Halloween is simply spherical the corner and time is running out for producing your ideas and plans for Halloween night decorations.

Halloween has prompted a lot of publications, TV shows , and movies. That it was the first type of scary slashes horror movies. Halloween is a much-loved tradition however the excitement with the evening may cause kids to ignore being very careful. It's fascinating, and kids will often forget about their street safety guidelines. This is a exciting and mysterious time for children.

The is by far the most awesome homemade Halloween costume I've ever seen

Will still be believed to become associated together with the spirits of dead people who are unleashed walking the world. It might probably greatest be explained its related name, Devil’s Evening. Halloween is once a night of pranks— toilet papering a house or ling mail boxes with shaving crème aren't strange. Halloween outfits are typically modeled following supernatural figures for example creatures, spirits, pumpkin heads or scarecrows, wizards, and demons. This is a common and unique event for kids of any age.

By mommamink (BUY IT)

This listing is for a set of 3 heebie-jeebie-inducing table luminaries. Each one measures 3.5 x 3.5 and would look wicked creeping across your mantle.

Halloween is almost upon us and tales of ghostly figures and haunted houses will abound. The National Trust cares for over 300 house and gardens, all of which have a story to tell, many of the spine-tingling variety. Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday celebrated across America today. And it looks like this

Whether you enjoy it or despise it, Halloween night is the 2nd largest business holiday known across The USA nowadays.

This is the time of year that a person can be the person who he or she wants to be

Are you a good witch, or a bad wizard?


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My Daily Great posts found

My Daily Great posts found

Hen Jumpers

August 27, 2011 at 2:50 AM

Little Hen Rescue is a U.K. hen-rescue organization. They are requesting that people make and send little hen jumpers for the residents that don't have very many feathers to keep them warm.

this & that

August 27, 2011 at 1:16 AM

I found this amazing donut mug at the thrift shop this week. It is super sized to fit a cake donut floating (although personally I’d prefer to dunk) So cool and just .35 cents! We made a trip to the Apple store on Thursday which also meant stopping in at the Lego store too. I [...]

Upcycled Doily Pendant Light

August 27, 2011 at 1:00 AM

This upcycled pendant light Shannon South is a really lovely way to use those vintage doilies you have passed down from your grandmother. The warm and pretty atmosphere this piece creates would make it a nice addition to a

How-To: Know It All Bag That Shows Your Knitting Pattern

August 27, 2011 at 12:00 AM

This brilliant bag from Kalani Craig for Knitty kind of blows my mind. It's bag that uses LEDs and a Lilypad Arduino to display stitches of a knitting pattern. The video above explains it well, and shows how the

How-To: Mod Tank Blouse

August 26, 2011 at 11:00 PM

Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This... wants to bring a little mod into your life. Check out her Mod Tank Blouse tutorial, and add some bold colors, big buttons, and stylish Mondrian grid patterns to your wardrobe! Now,

All You Need Is Love Typography Poster Print canvas quote phrase words powerful romantic gift family home Decor

August 26, 2011 at 10:38 PM


Beautiful Typography romantic Poster Print on cotton canvas canvas great and unique fine art wall decor reminder you that : ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE art lovely phrase fantastic words .perfect for a wedding gift or a special day for you sweet person can give it .. you can love it you can framing it - not paper but museum cotton canvas

inspirited by All You Need Is Love" The song written by John Lennon

printed with Archival High Quality inks.

All my prints Signed, dated by artist.

SIZE 11 x 16 inches


There's something distinctive about canvas artwork!

And by printing my art onto canvas you'll find that they

take on a whole new aspect turning your personal print

into wonderful pieces of art!



It will be shipped in a protective sleeve envelopes. I will make sure every piece gets to you safely.

*BIG prints are packed and are then shipped out in sturdy crush-resistant mailing tubes.

-----I would combine multiple purchases to save on shipping cost.------

-----Please convo me if you need your print sooner. ---------------------------

This artwork may NOT be copied, printed or reproduced without the artist's permission.


Kunst Illustration egst Europa Griechenland etsypromolove drucken Plakat Dekor gelb schwarz Spaß Inhalte Phrase Wort Brief Grunge Liebe Romantik Hochzeitsgeschenk Mann Inhalte Wort Brief Phrase Wand Typographie Jahrgang

art egst europe illustration Grèce décor etsypromolove affiche d'impression jaune noir fun phrase citer mot lettre grunge romance de cadeau de mariage l'homme cite mot lettre phrase junkies mur vintage



DIY Shoe Bling

August 26, 2011 at 9:00 PM

Today on Corinne's Craft Closet, I show you how to bling out a pair of old high heel shoes. No need to pay an arm and a leg for them at the shoe store! OMG SHOES! I am also

Post-It Note Space Invaders Roundup

August 26, 2011 at 8:00 PM

The Flickr blog posted a great roundup of favorite Post-It Note-created Space Invaders in the workplace. I love the top photo from Flickr member Peter Norby and the response from the office building across the street (below), posted by

Typewriter Assemblage: Jeremy Mayer

August 26, 2011 at 7:30 PM

Jeremy Mayer's typewriter assemblages are sculptural pieces made purely from typewriter parts. In a process he calls "reassemblage," Mayer fits the pieces together into likenesses of living creatures using no welds, glue, solder, or external parts. He talks about able>