Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Twitter tools for every one part 2

Twitters tools for everyone part 1

Web Services/Mashups (Search)
  1. Summize searches Twitter in realtime.

  2. Terraminds is a search application for Twitter messages and users.

  3. Tweetag allows you to browse tweets via tags.

  4. TweetScan is a real-time search engine for Twitter posts.

  5. Twitter.FM is a search engine that allows you to search what world's people are doing.

  6. Twitterment fancy search engine with charts and comparison features.

  7. Twittersearch allows you to search on Twitter Posts.

  8. Twittersearch search the twitter conversations.

  9. Twittersearch two flavors of custom Google Searches for Twitter. Find out who's favorited your tweets.

  10. TwitterTroll the only real-time Twitter search engine!

Web Services/Mashups (Statistical/Analytical):
  1. Intwition tracks what people are linking to and talking about on Twitter.

  2. MobiFeedLive tracking, archiving and analyzing conversations on Twitter and Jaiku.

  3. Monitter is a twitter monitor, it lets you "monitter" the twitter world for a set of 3 keywords and watch what people are saying.

  4. TweeterBoard figures out who is influential by looking at who talks to you.

  5. TweetClouds creates a cloud of the most frequently used words for a Twitter member's feed.

  6. Tweetmeme tracks what’s hot on Twitter.

  7. TweetStats graphs your Twitter stats including Tweets per hour, per month and Tweet timeline

  8. TweetValue tells you how much your profile is worth in US dollars.

  9. Twist allows you to see trends in Twitter

  10. TwitBuzz is a content filtering service that tracks the latest popular links, conversations and people on Twitter.

  11. TwitGraph measures your tweets and provides the data in colorful piecharts.

  12. Twitigg is a listing of popular stories submitted on Twitter sorted by number of submitters.

  13. TwitSpam keeps an eye on the top spammers at Twitter

  14. TwitStat allows you to do real time Twitter analytics

  15. TwitterBuzz see what links people are posting to twitter.

  16. TwitterGrader measures the power of a profile.

  17. Twitterholic keeps a tab on the twitter power users. Try to be #1.

  18. TwitterLinkr is a service that aggregates public tweets.

  19. TwitterMeter let's you query an index of words and plot the number of times that word was used over time.

  20. TwitterPoster creates a mosaic that represents users with the most followers with bigger icons.

  21. TwitterQuotient this site tries to answer if you a Twitter hero or zero by looking at your stats.

  22. Twitterank is like page rank for your account. It tries to figure out how worthy you are in the twitterverse.

  23. Twitturly is a service for tracking what URLs people are talking about on Twitter.

  24. TweetVolume enter a few words and see how many times they appear on twitter.

Web Services/Twitter Integrations:
  1. Facebook integration with Twitter.

  2. Flix Wagon allows you to broadcast your life. Updates can be broadcast through Twitter.

  3. Fuel Frog tracks your gas mileage so that you can see trends. Update your info through Twitter.

  4. Moby Picture allows you to post pictures from your mobile phone directly to flickr and Twitter.

  5. Mosio allows you to post questions from your mobile phone. You can post questions through Twitter also.

  6. MultiMap Twitter Bot The Multimap twitter bot helps you get maps, directions and local information by sending messages to twitter.

  7. is a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap. Update Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Jaiku along with many more.

  8. Polldaddy allows you to create a poll and post it to Twitter as your status.

  9. Post like a pirate translates your message to pirate speak and allows you to send it to Twitter.

  10. Remember The Milk allows you to manage your tasks. Send a message to the site via Twitter.

  11. Splashcast media player allows you to interact with Twitter.

  12. Squawk is a tool for second life, and allows you to connect your client up with services like Twitter.

  13. Thingfo is an instant community for anything. Update Thingfo through Twitter.

  14. Tupalo allows you to send a tweet through their website about the location (restaurant, bar) youre headed to.

  15. Twee60 will automatically tweet your Xbox Live status to all your followers.

  16. Wefi lets users receive notices of friends’ positions within the WeFi framework.

  1. BeTwittered is a google widget for Twitter.

  2. Google widget for the web that allows you to update and view your tweets.

  3. Netvibes widget for the web that allows you to update your status.

  4. Spinlet widget for the web that allows you to display tweets.

  5. Twadget is a Google Gadget, update your status.

  6. Twadget is a Windows Vista Gadget, track your friends Twitter status and update your own status.

  7. Twidget is a Mac dashboard widget, update your own status.

  8. Twitterlex is a Mac dashboard widget which allows you to follow friends and update your own status.

  9. Yourminis is a widget by YourMinis for the web. Follow people and updates allowed.

  1. Flitter Screen saver with flickr and twitter mashup.

  2. OutTwit update your Twitter status and follow your friends within Outlook.

  3. Snitter PC/Mac client for twitter to read and update tweets.

  4. TeleTwitter Windows client for twitter.

  5. Twapp mini twitter browser and updater.

  6. Tweet-r PC/Mac client for twitter to read and update tweets.

  7. TweetDeck is an Adobe Air client for twitter that works on both PC and Macs.

  8. TweetPad visualizes statistics on the source of the incoming messages.

  9. Twhirl windows and mac client based on Adobe Air. Connects to multiple accounts.

  10. TwitBox receive and send updates.

  11. TwitterCamp is a desktop application that allows you to monitor tweets from your friends. Mac Compatible.

  12. Twitterlicious allows you to receive updates.

  13. Twitteroo update and receive tweets.

  14. Twittit is a client to update your status.

  15. Witty is a Vista client to manage your tweets.

  16. XBox to Twitter checks your Xbox 360 Gamertag status every five minutes and then updates Twitter with your latest information.

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