Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Valentine Day Movie Posters - Love is in the air!!

The eagerly awaited “Day for Lovers” is round the corner with dear couples ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their sweethearts. Saint Valentine’s Day or more commonly known as Valentine’s Day, is an annual festival celebrated on 14th February by millions all over the world to rejoice their love and affection for their beloved ones. 

With the arrival of this date, we get to see bulk of graphic design stuff like heartwarming wallpapers, online greeting cards and other e-gifts. But apart this all, you will agree that taking your valentine out for a romantic movie in the warm and cozy atmosphere of a theatre is the ideal present you can give on Valentine’s Day.

Therefore, to make your valentine special, I have collected a list of 20 heartwarming valentine day movie posters. These movie posters will make you agree that creative graphic design techniques can make movie posters an alluring spectacle.


I Hate Valentine’s Day


ILY Phillip Morris


The Caveman’s Valentine


The Ugly Truth


Valentine’s Day


Playing by Hearts


My Bloody Valentine


When in Room


Blue Valentine


Paper Heart


Death in Love


NY I love U


David & Fatima


Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging


The Last Song


When I Met U


The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre


Beautiful Losers




Love Actually

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