Saturday, April 21, 2012

Is Your Job Killing You?

Too much stress on the job has proven to be hazardous for a person’s health time and time again. Because stress has been proven time and time again to be a key factor for early death and disease, it is important to evaluate your job and understand if it is stressing you out too much.

When is Stress Too Much?

When is stress too much stress? This answer is different for everyone. Remember, some stress on the job is good; it is why you are needed in the workforce. There are some key signs of too much stress.

If you are fighting and arguing with your colleagues, finding yourself buried under large piles of paperwork and dreading showing up to work everyday, there is a good chance that you are under too much stress at work.

Reducing Stress at Work:

There are some ways that you can reduce stress at work. Schedule in relaxation time for yourself away from work. Take care of yourself while at work. Do not be afraid to delegate tasks to other employees, too. They are there to help, just as you are.
From: Human Resources MBA

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