Thursday, April 19, 2012

Funky and Fashionable Hair Styles

hair salon MelbourneLife is about enjoying yourself and with that comes freedom of expression. Showing off your personality to the world through personalization is a great way to express yourself. Being able to do things your own way will keep you happy and also help you stand out from the crowd. From the clothes you wear to the way you style your hair, these are all ways to display that unique personality. Speaking of hairstyles, here are some great tips from hair salon Melbourne for adding some funk and flair to that flat head of hair.

First, cutting the hair shorter will give it more pizzazz. This is because it is different from the widely accepted look of long hair on women. As unfortunate as it can be sometimes, there are societal norms that have been established through time. In today's society, when a certain trend differs from the accepted standard, it attracts a lot of attention. Short hair will definitely make some heads turn because it's a look that is funky and fashionable. Luckily, there are plenty of short hairstyles out there so you will have many options to choose from.

The next step is to add some texture to your hair. A good place to start is to add layers to your short hairstyle. Layers will give the hair depth, thickness, and an extra dimension to work with. Play with your hair to get an idea of how it works. Try to style it many different ways to see which looks work best for you. Depending on how straight or curly your hair is or how stiff or soft the strands are, some styles will not work at all. You can spike the hair up, curl it, shave parts of it down, or use a combination of these techniques and more to achieve the perfect look.

Hair SalonA third way to add extra flair to your hair is to put some color in it. While traditional highlights are usually a shade or two darker or lighter than your natural hair color, they do not add that much of that funk you desire. In order to really make a statement, go with brighter colors such as hot pink, red, blue, purple or green. Think contrasting colors when deciding on which colors to use. If your hair is really dark, lighter highlights will make a more dramatic impression on the overall look. On the other hand, if you have light colored hair on your head, choose darker shades to make the whole package pop. If you're really outgoing, dye all of your hair! Want to get a funky, fresh makeover? For the look that you've been waiting for, contact hairdresser melbourne. Australian salons offer some of the most hip hairdressers around.

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