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6 Crazy Diets That You Should Never Try

Let’s face it. We as humans are lazy by nature. We want something for nothing. We seek the most painless route to get what we want. We take as many shortcuts as possible. There are certain aspects of life that may allow us this leeway but unfortunately to the dismay of many, losing weight is not of them.

Over the years, mankind has devised numerous methods to make losing weight as effort free as possible. Some commendable, some notable, many laughable even bordering on dangerous.

In this article, we will look at some of the crazy diets that have made the headlines in the health and fitness world. Whether it works or not, you can be the judge of that.

Chew It Like You Mean It

The man behind this diet was Horace Fletcher. An art dealer who resided in San Francisco claimed to have lost a lot of weight by his chewing diet. It theory, the person chews the food until it has broken down to a near puree form. Following which any food bits that are too big to slide down the throat must be spitted out. The reason behind this diet was that the body absorbs the food better and the desire to eat decreases. If I had to chew my food that many times I would be too tired to eat anything.

You Make My Blue Eyes Blue

This crazy diet originated from the land of the rising sun (Japan). In this diet, the only thing you need to do is buy a pair of ‘special’ blue glasses and put it on before a meal. The blue glasses are claimed to act as an appetite suppressant. The color blue on food is suppose to make it less appetizing which leads to less eating. Put a steak sandwich in front of me and regardless of color or hue, I will eat it up. For all you know, ‘gloomy’ looking food might work for you.

Is That A Worm In Your Tummy?

For this diet, the person will consume a tablet consisting of an egg of a tapeworm. The tapeworm will then supposedly develop in the stomach of the dieter. The tapeworm assists in your weight loss by consuming a portion of your calories. Let’s say you had a burger for lunch for a total of 400 calories. As the food enters the stomach cavity, the worm will consume a fair portion it. So the person can enjoy having a whole burger without being too concern about the calories. Bad thing is the tapeworm does more than just share calories with its host. It can lead to other symptoms like headaches, stomachaches, nausea, diarrhea, etc. Besides this, there is no guarantee that the worm will be contained in your stomach. There’s going to be trouble if it starts feeding on your brain. If you always strongly feel that two’s company, then you won’t have to worry about being alone in this diet.

Those Cotton Fields Back Home

As much as I like the idea of having lots of fiber in my diet, the thought of eating cotton balls just sounds very disturbing to me. Cotton is considered to be fibrous in nature. Hence by consuming cotton, it will fill you up without the need of consuming proper food. You want fiber, eat an apple instead.

Rise And Shine Sleepy Head

There has always been a saying ‘Don’t sleep after a meal’. In this case it is ‘Don’t eat, just sleep’. According to this diet, by sleeping most of the time it reduces or totally eliminates the need to eat. It is however not possible for a healthy person to sleep through the whole day. Hence people on this diet tend to use sedatives to sleep much longer than usual. Even at rest, your body still requires its daily maintenance calorie intake to function properly. Otherwise it is as good as going into starvation mode. And starving a body makes it even harder to lose weight.

Smokers Delight

All you smokers out there, before you start rejoicing at this diet, think again. Nicotine which is a harmful substance found in cigarettes is the main component for this diet. It acts as an appetite suppressant whenever someone lights up a cigarette. This diet came to light in the 1920s before the harmful effects of smoking were made publically known.

The above mentioned crazy diets are only the tip of the iceberg. Search around and I’m pretty sure there are many more such fads out there. For every crazy person that comes up with an unproven dangerous way of losing weight, there are people out there desperate enough to try it out. When you think about it, losing weight isn’t rocket science. It takes effort, discipline and a good nutrition plan. Work on this rather than searching for the next crazy diet.

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Scott Simmons has been a fitness fanatic for more than 20 years. Being obese for more than half his life, he decided to learn what works when it comes to losing weight and used it to shed off the extra weight. He co-owns which shares information on diets and exercises that work for weight loss.

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