Friday, December 30, 2011

Golf Resolutions for the New Year


Exercising more, losing weight, and eating healthier are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions every year, but women who already lead an active lifestyle and watch their weight often make a different kind of resolution: to improve their golf game. And January is actually the perfect time to start working toward this goal, even if you live in a cold and snowy climate where summer seems eons away.

Now is the time to hit the gym, take a lesson with a pro, and get great discounts on summer golf clothing. That’s right ladies; the right golf clothes for women can actually improve your game and still be fun to wear. Make your golf-related New Year’s resolution one that with leave you winning games and looking your best at the same time.

How can women’s golf clothes improve your game? Some clothes are easier to move around in than others. The last thing you want to find yourself wearing during a round of golf are ladies golf shirts that restricts your swing and pants or a short skirt that won’t allow you to bend over. In fact, you want to be as comfortable as possible—while still looking great, of course—so that you’re not thinking about your clothes, comfort, or the way you look when you’re supposed to be focusing on your game.

Women’s golf clothes should fulfill five main criteria:

  1. First, they should be fashionable and current with both street clothing and active wear clothing trends so that women actually want to wear them.
  2. Second, they should be comfortable and easy to move around in without being loose or baggy.
  3. Third, they should be quality-constructed from moisture-wicking materials that keep you cool in hot conditions and warm in cool conditions.
  4. Fourth, they should be easy to take care of, requiring little more than a cool soak in the sink and a hang-dry for daily washing.
  5. And last, women’s golf clothes must meet all golf course and country club dress code rules and regulations.

By wearing clothing that meets anything less than all five of these important factors, you’ll be restricting your ability to play your game to the fullest.

So when you’re pondering your golf-related resolution for 2012, try a different angle. Make it your goal to improve your game by improving your wardrobe, and see how fun it can be to create a more comfortable and stylish game of golf!

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