Tuesday, January 10, 2012

3 Zen Points when Choosing Your Luxury Shower Curtains

A shower curtain is a piece of plastic, or fabric, that helps keep the water from your shower from splashing onto your bathroom floor. The shower curtain typically hangs on the curtain rod by using clips; the rod is always the same length as the tub. There are instances where shower curtains are double curtains; this means that the inner curtain is plastic while the outer curtain is fabric. Most people incorporate double curtains usually only for fashion as the outer curtain amplifies the d├ęcor of the bathroom while the inner curtain maintains its duty of keeping water inside the tub and not on your floor. These luxury shower curtains may seem simple, but there’s a whole market built around them.

Here are some points to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing a luxury shower curtain for your home.

First Point
  • Luxury shower curtains are manufactured from materials that are not usually found in bathrooms. These materials are water resistant but not entirely waterproof. From the word luxury, you'd already know that these curtains are made for fashion rather than practicality. These curtains are there for the look and aesthetics; they can make the user feel better as they are usually made with therapeutic designs.
  • Choosing luxury curtains for your bathroom doesn't have to be difficult. This decision definitely deserves as much thought as the other parts of your house. Although not all of the curtain has to be practical to use, but its practicality stem from the ambiance it can create.

Second Point

  • Are you aiming for art or for fashion? Aside from the wall, luxury shower curtains are the largest single-pieced objects in your bathroom. You will need to be a little artistic when you pick out the curtains for your bathroom. You would also need to look at the curtain as if it was a blank canvas, and with a little design interpretation, you'd be able to visualize just what and how you want your curtain to be.
  • The shower curtain has the potential to be the focal point of your bathroom and if you have a keen sense of fashion, you'd know that you can use the curtain to your advantage by complementing the rest of the bathroom.

Third Point

  • Colors and textures are vital if you want to make sure that the luxury curtains simply exclaim fashion at all angles. It is important that you pick colors that complement the room's theme and design.
  • The materials used to make the shower curtains must be looked at very carefully as they are definitely going to spend a lot of time being exposed to moisture, depending on how much your bathroom gets used daily. You should also study how the material fares in its ability to dry itself out. One should definitely make sure that materials used can tolerate steam and water but don't necessarily absorb moisture in great amounts. Should the materials absorb moisture, it will end up dripping on the floor, and this literally defeats the purpose of having installed the curtains in the first place.

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