Friday, January 13, 2012

Tips on The Dangers of Some Cleaning Products

The cost of living with germs may be lower than the cost of living without them. Many household chemicals contain ingredients that can do severe damage to the human body. Over time, consistent exposure to some cleaning ingredients can even kill you. Knowing what harmful ingredients are found in today’s common household cleaners can help parents and children avoid exposure and potential health risks. Discovering alternative household cleaners that kill germs without killing you: priceless.

Green Living online, in the article, “Is Your House Toxic?” talked about six household cleaning chemicals that consumers should avoid. Among those 6 chemicals were popular items that many Americans use every day. Antibacterial cleaners, air fresheners, dishwasher detergent, oven cleaners, carpet shampoo, and toilet bowl cleaners can all contain harmful chemical ingredients. Fortunately there are alternative cleaning services and options.

Air fresheners contain one main ingredient, formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen. Air fresheners actually stop you from smelling because they coat your nasal passages with an oily film. Formaldehyde and phenol, another main ingredient, combine for a list of side effects that would make a drug manufacturer proud: allergic reactions, dermatitis, headaches, mucous membrane irritations, joint and chest pain, depression, fatigue, dizziness and immune dysfunction, skin eruptions, cold sweats, convulsions, circulatory collapse and in extreme cases, coma. Suggested alternative: open a window.

Most Antibacterial cleaners contain a chemical form of dioxin called Triclosan. Triclosan has been linked with weakened immune systems, lower fertility rates, and birth defects. If triclosan mixes with chlorinated tap water, it can form deadly chlorinated dioxins. Using regular soap, rather than antibacterial soap with triclosan, will still enable users to kill 99.4 percent of germs.

Oven cleaners, carpet shampoos, and toilet bowl cleaners contain chemicals like benzene, toluene, xylene, methanol, ethylbenzene, perchlorethylene, ammonium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, or hypochlorite bleach which are all damaging to the human body. The best way to avoid having these chemicals in your home is to seriously consider purchasing “Green” alternative products such as Seventh Generation, Martha Stewart Clean™ , or Clorox Green Works® or for tough stains consider using professional carpet cleaning services a couple of times a year.

Dishwasher detergents are the number one cause of accidental child poisoning in the United States. Most automatic dishwashing detergents contain a dry form of highly concentrated chlorine that is not only poisonous, but has also been known to produce skin irritations, burns, eye injuries and damage to other mucous membranes. Residue built up on dishes from these detergents can also transfer into your hot meal. The alternative: Buy phosphate and chlorine free detergent.

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