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5 Alternative Wedding Gift Ideas

Man, it’s difficult buying presents for newlyweds. When they are close friends or family it can be even harder because there’s a certain stigma attached to bad present buying. It’s almost as if you can buy a thousand presents for one person but they will always remember that one that’s not so great. Christmas and Birthday presents are particularly difficult to buy but most challenging is buying a wedding gift for a couple. This is because it’s such a special occasion that you want to make sure you play your role in the couple’s dream experience.  It sometimes can be made a little easier if the couple put together a wedding gift wish list but if not, you might find yourself struggling for ideas. This is your opportunity to go down in gift buying history and producing a gift that a couple REALLY wants and not something predictable and boring!

So here’s a few tips as to those wedding gifts which undoubtedly will win you some brownie points, cement your position as the couple’s favourite person and quite selfishly make you feel great and steer clear all sorts of gift buying guilt. 

5 Alternative Wedding Gift Ideas

1: Money

Yes you’re right, it is impersonal BUT we all know how tight money is for newlyweds. We all know that their actual wedding and honeymoon costs a bomb and they might not all have the luxury of a rich family to support them. So money can be a great way of helping them make the best start to married life. Deep down, it’s probably all the couple really want and need but it’s kind of an unspoken rule that they don’t simply ask for money. The money could be used to used towards paying for a luxurious castle wedding venue, a contribution towards their honeymoon or a little towards the down payment on their first house together.

2: Joint Expensive Item Buying

The items on a couple’s wish list are usually quite reserved but they may ask for a couple of expensive items that are out of most people’s budgets. This is where you can join forces financially with another friend or family member and get them a really great gift that would be outside of your own budget. Again this is a slightly leftfield way of present buying but it means that you can really get something the couple want and you know they are going to appreciate. It also means you’ll have the money for some pretty extravagant gifts!

3: A Penthouse Hotel Room

Why not give the happy couple a honeymoon to remember by booking out the best hotel room avialble at their chosen location? Honeymoons are worth paying that little extra for and you can add that touch of glamour which they won’t expect. Be sure to check with other family members that no reservations have already been made and suggest you’d be happy to organise them. You can then secretly book them a penthouse or honeymoon suite.

4: An Investment

If you’re a close family member you may want to help contribute to the couple’s financial security by making an investment on their behalf. You could chose to tell them of the investment you’ve made or keep it a secret! Investments can be made in everything from stocks and shares to wines or art. It’s an unusual gift that nobody else will think about and at least you know you’ll be buying a gift that won’t depreciate in value.

5: Honeymoon Excursions

If you already know the destination the couple are going to visit you may be able to book reservations at some great restaurants. You might like tot think outside the box and research the couple’s favourite hobbies and things they can do in relation to those hobbies at their chosen wedding destination. Other excursions you might like to consider are booking tours or entertainment shows. This will ensure their honeymoon is jam packed and they’ll get the very most out of the location they’re visiting without spending any cash!

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