Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finally, Some Weather: Ger to Mammoth Mountain for Snowy Fun!

Why are you reading this? There’s an entire mountain of snow and gravity out there calling your name! It’s called Mammoth Mountain, and it’s one of those enchanted places where people live out their dreams of downhill Olympic glory.

Do you realize how close you already are? You could live in the Bay Area or down in the Southland but you’ll still have a quick 70-minute plane ride to this mountain paradise. Just stick your car, SUV, truck, or school bus in SJC airport parking or SFO parking and get ready for the ride of your life.

It’s more likely, though, that you’ll want to be in Oakland airport long-term parking. After all, nobody goes to Mammoth for a day. This is a week or longer excursion.

Since your choice to travel by air means you get free transportation all around the facility, forget about the airport parking hassle altogether and pay online ahead of time. It’s quick and easy and it saves a ton of time.

You’ll be glad you did when you’re spending hours packing up your gear and Bengay. It’s funny; you didn’t realize how long it’s been since you’ve been out on your skis. The Bengay is a good idea. Maybe a couple bottles of ibuprofen and ice packs wouldn’t hurt either.

And better yet, once you get to Mammoth, you’ll have no rental car woes or taxi fares (unless you’re transporting or staying outside of Mammoth grounds), since Mammoth takes care of all of that for you. There is nothing quite like taking an awesome vacation and not have to think about your car a single time. It’s almost as magical as Mammoth itself.

With the kind of carless transportation you get at Mammoth, it’s more than worth leaving your car at your outgoing airport. You’re probably not equipped with snow tires and chains anyway, so leave the driving hassle up to the professionals. Instead, you get to focus on the mountain, the powder, the wild feeling of the wind rushing past your goggled face as you descend like a reckless madman down the most exciting slopes in the state. Or—if that’s not your thing, you can just sit in the lodge and sip cocoa while your grandma rides the lift to the top of the world and shows you a thing or two about living your shoe size—not your age.

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