Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Tree Theme Wedding

Trees can be a wonderful theme for a wedding at any time of the year. Think about the symbolism: strong roots, growth, family trees – it is all perfect for a couple starting a new life together. Trees also have an appealing tie to nature, which is always a lovely wedding inspiration. Get some ideas about how to plan a memorable tree theme wedding of your own.

It is always nice to introduce the wedding theme in the invitations. Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful ones available with trees on them. There are autumnal tree designs, rich with beautiful fall foliage. There are invitations decorated with charming flowering trees, which would be delightful for a spring or summer wedding. There are elegant birch trees, folksy woodcut tree motifs, trees with birds...the choices are nearly endless. As long as you select an invitation that suits the season of your wedding, it will be great.

A fabulous idea for the wedding ceremony is to line the aisle with trees or tree branches filled with little white lights. Be sure that the fullest part of the tree is high enough that guests can still see you as you glide down the aisle in your beautiful bridal gown and special wedding jewelry. Of course renting all those trees could get pretty expensive, so another idea is to have just a few trees in the ceremony space. Place them by the altar to create a beautiful frame around the bride and groom. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you could simply choose a site that has a grand old tree under which you can stand to say your vows.

There will be many terrific ways to incorporate your tree theme into your wedding reception. Instead of a standard guest book, paint a large tree on a piece of heavy paper. Create only the trunk and branches, and invite guests to make thumbprint leaves using green paint. Use a paint or ink that will be easy to wash off so that your guests are not left with green thumbs all night. Then each person can write their name on their leaf. It will be a very pretty memento, worthy of framing and displaying in your new home.

Obviously, your wedding cake should carry on the tree motif. You have many, many choices. For a fall wedding, have the baker create a chocolate cake that is frosted to look like bark. For winter nuptials, a cake made to resemble white birch would be wonderful. At any time of the year it would be pretty to have a simple fondant covered cake with an intricate handpainted tree growing up the tiers. Tree branches and leaves could also be used as a version of the tree theme for the cake decoration.

The ideas for a tree theme wedding go on and on. Perhaps you give your bridesmaids crystal leaf pendants for their wedding jewelry gifts. You could hire a lighting specialist to project trees onto the wall of your reception space and transform the room into an enchanted forest. It might also be fun to create displays of the bride and groom's family trees to hang in the reception space. A tree theme wedding is a wonderful motif, full of rich possibilities.

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