Monday, March 12, 2012

Great Decoratiing Idea for Kid's Room

Kids like to have their bedrooms and playrooms decorated in décor they enjoy, just as adults do. Ask your children for some ideas about their favorite colors so you can paint the walls or add new elements to the room to reflect their personalities. Walls don’t have to all be the same color either; try painting walls different colors. Trim in the room can also be painted a different color.


A fantastic way to change up a room quickly at your child’s whim is with kid’s wall stickers. These can be purchased in stores or ordered online in many different themes and sizes. They are designed to be removable, reusable and repositionable. Therefore you can easily put them on walls or furniture and then peel them off and change to a new design any time you want. In addition they are washable, which is very important in a kid’s room. Since most kids like a different book, cartoon, television, or movie character every few months, this is a great way to redecorate the room easily. There are many other designs besides characters or you can request custom- made designs from photos. Add some decorative borders to the walls for an extra décor emphasis. Try flocked, mirrored, and foam fabric designs for an added decorative detail.

Sometimes kids want to use the same character or theme on draperies or curtains. Find some great lamps to use in the kids bedroom or playroom. Make sure the lamps match the theme and are easy for the child to use. Find furniture appropriate for the kids room, they will need dressers, shelves, storage containers, and a desk. Make sure the size of the furniture is appropriate for the kid’s age. The bed will probably be the largest item in the room and should be a major focal point. If you purchase a wooden bed frame it can easily be painted in a fun color your child enjoys. Alternatively look for a theme bed, such as a racecar design. Bunk beds are a good idea for children who share a room or for a child to have a slumber party. Sheets, bedspreads, or comforters are some of the first items seen in a kid’s room. Again find something that complements the theme or colors of the room so the child will be happy to climb into bed at night.

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