Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Secret of Marketing your Business on Facebook


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Whether you’re a Facebook fanatic with thousands of friend connections or the last holdout to online social networking, it’s time to place your personal feelings aside and put your business first. The simple truth is that Facebook is a fast and effective way to marketing your business.

Why is Facebook a Good Idea?

Whether your company builds dog houses or fights mosquito diseases, starting a Facebook page is a great way to help market your business, develop your brand identity, and forge relationships with existing and potential customers. What business doesn’t long for increased visibility? Well Facebook hosts a few hundred million users around the world, making it a pretty exciting place to start developing and expanding your client base.

Is this Going to be Hard?

For some, the idea of creating something on the Internet is a scary thought that conjures visions of error messages, boiling frustration, and endless hours of toil. The reality is that starting a Facebook page is something even a novice computer user can accomplish without breaking a sweat, plus it’s absolutely free!

To get started all you need to do is sign up with basic information like your business name, address, and phone number. Once you are in, easy-to-follow prompts allow you to customize your page with a logo, slogan, and other useful information.

Remember, however, Facebook offers myriad ways to promote and advertise your business, so it’s a good idea to know what your objectives are going in and sticking to a plan of meeting them.

Is this Thing on?

Just starting a Facebook page isn’t nearly enough to drive your business revenues through the roof. That being said, it’s not hard to start making progress immediately.

A great way to begin once you have your page looking the way you like it is to invite your friends, family, and existing clients to “like” your business. Now that you have an audience, you can build upon it by supplying frequent updates of useful information, news regarding business developments, and even special promotions. Be thoughtful and creative while keeping your Facebook active and your following will surely grow.

Are we there yet?

The great thing about Facebook is that it continues to evolve with its users. While some may only be looking for a place to show off their latest products and services, others will push the limits, using Facebook in conjunction with an official website and social marketing strategy to reach a wider and more diverse pool of potential clients than ever.

How does the Story End?

Like in any drama, the principle players are primary in determining the action. By remaining focused, keeping up-to-date, and staying true to who you are, Facebook will serve as an invaluable and often enjoyable way to market your business for free online.

This guest post contributed by Shane, a Facebook enthusiast, with special interests in doghouses and mosquito diseases.

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