Monday, February 27, 2012

Must-Have Items for the Garage

While it’s often avoided either for its inherent spookiness or for a general lack of interest, the garage serves some important functions for the average living space. Of course, its primary use is to protect the car from bad weather. For most families, the garage also acts as an extended storage space for boxes, folding ladders, and stray basketballs.

The Boy Scouts’ motto is “be prepared,” which is a good idea for any homeowner. You never know when you might need to fix a fuse, replace a light bulb, or unclog a drain. Here are just a few must-have items for your garage.

A Ladder

It’s strange that most of the routine fix-ups seem so out of reach. A compact folding ladder is one of the simplest but most useful items you could store in your garage and an invaluable item for any homeowner. While they generally won’t be too expensive, it’s a good idea to invest in a good ladder that you can use in any part of the home.

Whether you need to clean the gutters, change a ceiling light bulb, or wash a second story window, a portable ladder will help you reach new heights with the greatest of ease.

A First Aid Kit

We are all prone to injuries, some more than others, and the garage presents more potential hazards than other parts of the home, especially for those men and women who enjoy building and repairing things on their own.

You might have a first aid kit inside the home, but it’s a good idea to keep one within easy reach in the garage. Just some of the things a basic first aid kit should contain include:

· Adhesive band-aids of varying sizes

· Sterile gauze in pads or rolls

· Antiseptic spray or towelettes to clean wounds

· Antibiotic cream or ointment

· Pain reliever (aspirin, acetaminophen, etc.)

· Benadryl (or other allergy medication)

A Tool Set

No home is exempt from those spontaneous maintenance issues. Even if you’re not the handyman, do-it-yourselfer, it’s a good idea to have at least a basic set of tools in the event of any emergencies, from faulty wiring to a leaky faucet.

While you might think a complete toolset is expensive, it’s nothing compared to the steep fees you might have to pay a plumber or electrician for a basic problem. Some of things to include in your tool set:

· A set of screwdrivers

· A wrench

· A hammer

· An Allen wrench

· Measuring tape

· Duct tape

· A handsaw

· Pliers/wire cutters

· An exacto knife

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