Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Laptop Battery Care

A laptop battery is a purchase you will want to make wisely as it will affect the over life of your trusted computer. When not connected to a power source, most batteries will last from approximately three to five hours when in use. Every time you use your computer, the battery life diminishes further by nature of the involved chemical reactions. When your battery has reduced to approximately 25% of capacity, it is time to begin looking for a new one. Overheated batteries are another sign that they are nearing the end of their life. To avoid the frustration of sudden, unexpected shut downs and the loss of important information, you will want to make the best informed choice you can when the time comes to invest in a new, quality battery.

Factors to consider

There are multiple manufacturers of laptop batteries for you to choose from. Take into account the reputation of the company making your battery to assure you are purchasing a quality item. Models such as the Apple laptop battery and Asus laptop battery have names that speak for themselves regarding trusted reliability. Of course you must make sure the battery meets with the specifications required for your computer in order to have it fit properly and work sufficiently. Have the manufacturer of your laptop handy as well as the battery number to determine compatibility before placing your order.

Replacement batteries can be expensive, so comparison shop before making your final decision. A variety of retailers offer a wide selection of laptop batteries for you to choose from. Retail prices are usually cheaper than those purchased directly from manufacturers. Research before buying in order to be certain the company is established and has a record of good customer service practices. You will want to buy a battery that comes with a warranty should you experience any unexpected problems.

Newer types of batteries include lithium ion and nickel metal hydride, both of which are less damaging to the environment and run more efficiently than older nickel cadmium choices. However, nickel metal hydride can develop a charging memory that cuts down on the overall charge capacity if the computer is running frequently on battery power alone.


Never dispose of your old battery in ordinary trash. These batteries are made up of chemicals that will harm the environment if placed in regular dump sites. Electronic waste recyclers that abide by safe standards will be happy to receive your old batteries. Most will not charge you for their service and many will offer free drive by drop off services at specified times around your community.

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