Monday, February 20, 2012

Teaching Kids to Build Humility

Moms and dads are always the best people with best words to say about their children. Almost every mom and dad would say that their kids are the smartest or the most beautiful gifts from God. Of course, they love their children that they would always tell the world that they have the most precious offspring. This is just a biased opinion usually made by parents. However, though they are too fanatic of their kids, parents are still responsible in raising their children to possess the good traits in life.

No matter how great our kids nowadays, we, parents, still want to teach our children more good things. Humbleness is the trait that parents would always want their children to be. In fact, this trait is commonly possessed by all great leaders. Thinking good things for others not only just for themselves is the best attitude that your kids could have.

Here are the guidelines for parents to teach their kids to be humble at all times:

1.  By teaching your kids the good traits to possess, parents should be a role model. As their leader, you need to be the example of everything. Show what humbleness is through your actions. The first training zone of every child begins at home. Find ways that can show that being good to others and thinking best for other people more highly than one’s self is the best trait that they could ever have. Explain also the difference of being humble from being a doormat. It’s not because you are humble, others can already take advantage of you. It’s not that. You also need to tell them what the right things to do to make others realize that they should also need to be good.

2.  Building the self-confidence of your kids is important when achieving the trait of humility. Though it seems to be ironic to think that humility begins with self-acceptance and self-confidence, these are truly indeed the ingredients that a person must have to also build humility among them.

3.  By teaching your kids to aim achievements and dream to be the best in everything, you can practice your children to be humble. This may seem to be contra-indicative but humbleness will obviously be shown when a person has something to be proud of yet they still show humility of not boasting any of their achievements to others.

4.  As their parents, we are responsible to show a lot of affection to your children unconditionally. To train them to be a great person, you need to let your kids understand that they are loved not because they are the smartest kids or the most talented children. Make your children feel that you love them because they are your children.

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