Saturday, February 11, 2012

Futuristic Therapy: Lasers, Percussors, and Ion Baths

Healthcare is getting futuristic. Lasers are quickly becoming the most useful tool in the entire medical field. From surgeries of the eye and muscle tissue to rehabilitation to cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, the technology is more advanced than ever before.

Another thing that’s more advanced is the notion that people can look like and be whomever they want. It’s more common today to use surgery to achieve a desired look, and subsequently the feelings of confidence and pride that go with having that look.

Laser breast augmentation using low-level laser therapy, or cold laser therapy, is one of those new technologies that has benefits that pass directly to the patient. Lasers are more precise and controllable than the old scalpel-and-incision model where the incidence of human error is much higher. A higher-quality surgery will lessen visible scarring, which goes even further to boost confidence of the patient.

But there are times when patients aren’t looking to enhance their body, they’re simply looking to repair it. And not all patients feel comfortable around lasers. But that’s okay. There are so many quality products out there that fill a specific need for patients with specific ailments.

Take the medical percussor, for example. Percussors rely on short, quick vibrations in a pulse-style repetition to break up scar tissue or tightened muscle fibers. This can relieve a lot of pain caused by muscle tightening. Those suffering from TMJ or chronic lockjaw find this therapy most effective—it’s like the percussor is the key, and once the jaw is unlocked, the person has freedom of movement again.

Regardless of the ailment suffered or how sculpted and sexy a person is trying to look, any medical work takes a toll on the body. Our bodies are extraordinary when it comes to healing itself, but sometimes we need to help our cells a bit.

Our day-to-day lives expose us to a lot of toxins in the form of air pollution, carcinogens, chemicals in food, water, and on every surface. While our body is healing, we need to remove those toxins from our lives in order to give the body its full healing potential.

Ion therapy is the perfect solution. The best devices are small and can sit in the bathtub with you while you soak your ailments in warm water. While you relax, it will send out a miniscule current through your body, creating positively charged ions and expelling the negative ions through you pores.

And let’s face it, whether we’re getting breast augmentation, fixing our TMJ, or just enjoying a bubble bath we could all use a little ion therapy now and again.

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