Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Effective Home Remedies For Skin Moles

SKIN MOLESDo you suffer from skin moles and don't know how to get rid of them? If not treated, moles can affect your self esteem especially if they happen to be located on your face. You can now get rid of skin moles by using any of these 5 effective home remedies for skin moles. They are all readily available at home or from your nearest store.


Fresh Pineapple Juice

You need a fresh pineapple which you should cut into slices. Take one slice of pineapple and press it onto the mole. Hold down for about five minutes and then remove the slice of pineapple. For fast results, you should repeat the action five times a day for a minimum of five days. The pineapple juice will not only lighten the color of the mole, but it will also destroy the mole making it to gently fall off.

Garlic Cloves

You can also use garlic to get rid of moles.Slice the cloves into small pieces which you should then use to rub over the affected area. Alternatively, you can pound the cloves of garlic to get some juice.Next, sprinkle the juice over a cotton pad and place it the over the mole. You can either use a tape or gauze to keep the cotton pad in place.Let the cotton pad stay on the whole day and remove it before going to bed.Remember to rinse the area with warm water before you sleep.

Within three days, the mole should be able to fall off. If part of the mole remains on your skin, wait a few days before repeating the process to avoid burning your skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another effective home remedy for moles that will get rid of your moles within five to seven days.You should first apply some petroleum jelly on the skin around the mole to prevent it from burning.Take a cotton pad and saturate it with apple cider vinegarPlace the pad over the mole and use a bandage to hold it in place.Remove the cotton pad in the morning and rinse your skin with water.

Iodine Solution

As with apple cider vinegar, when using iodine, remember to protect the skin surrounding the mole with petroleum jelly. Use a cotton ball to apply the solution onto the mole two to three times a day. You should keep doing this for one week, within which the mole will become dark in color, begin to flake and finally fall off.


Honey possesses medicinal value and you could use it to get rid of moles from your skin. Just dab some honey onto the mole and leave it on for about fifteen minutes. When it is completely dry, you should wash your skin it warm water. Continue doing this everyday until the mole falls off.
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