Saturday, May 5, 2012

Free Government Money for Home Improvement

Home improvement is seen as an important factor in every public housing unit. It allows upgrades and much-needed renovations that are of benefit to both the public housing community and the owner himself.
The government knows this is an ongoing concern especially among those who have availed of housing grants and are currently living in public housing communities. For this reason, there are various free grants for home improvements now available through U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) various local sectors.
What Does Home Improvement Grants Mean
Home improvement grants are typically provided by the government through HUD and various local public housing agencies. These grants cover the cost of needed home repairs. It is considered free money because the lucky individuals who will receive these grants need not to pay the costs back.
Grants are not loans. These are mainly intended for the low to moderate income families. There is no need to worry about one’s credit score, down payment, or collateral money. For as long as the grant funds are used for the purpose as stated in the grant application, it is free for the eligible homeowner.
The things a homeowner should think about when applying for this grant are the home improvement details, how it will affect the value of the house, and an estimate of the total costs. These usually are the deciding factors that local public housing agencies look into and take into serious consideration along with the eligibility of the income bracket of the family.
Know Where to Look for Home Improvement Grants
As there are many websites claiming to have access to various home improvement grants nowadays, it is important to separate the real thing from the fake ones. Since the qualification process for the federal government grants can be quite difficult with stringent qualification requirements needed, the scammers have taken this as an opportunity to do their business.
Scammers today are not only scattered throughout the Internet, they can also call a home owner directly and offer a “too good to be true” deal that is just hard to resist. Think first and resist the temptation as this could get home owners in a deeper hole.
The most important tip is that government grants are absolutely free. Once there is a fee involved, no matter how small it is, be in doubt of the authenticity of the said grant. To avoid being scammed, a home owner can go directly and check the HUD’s Home Improvement Grants website.
The Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) is also giving out grants to communities that are in great need of development.
What Benefits Does Home Improvement Bring?
While most people think that home improvements are only for beautifying an old home or repairing the clogged water system, there is so much more to it than that. Home improvements are a wise way of doing home repairs that can lower energy needs.
The government had actually developed a program designated for low-income families to receive assistance to lower their energy bills. This program is called “Weatherization Assistance” and is now available in all states.
Under this program, a house does not need to be in dire situation for repair. A home owner can get qualified once it is determined that there is much room for energy efficiency works.
The government offers all these kinds of grants for the belief that all these will benefit each and every one along with the community and government in due time.
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