Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Genuine Fashion: How to Spot Fake Ugg Boots

The popularity of Ugg boots seems like it will never die down. Millions of people are wearing them, have multiple kinds and replace their old ones often. The problem is there are many unscrupulous retailers out there that sell fake Ugg boots. Here are a few tips to look out for fake ones:

Check the Labels of your Ugg Boots

If you’re buying online make sure you get plenty of photos before handing over any cash. Real Ugg boots are made in China not New Zealand or Australia. The labels will be clearer to read. If you’re unsure, it’s best to buy from a major retailer online or better still, visit a shop so you have some comeback if you find that they are fakes.

The Packaging

The real Ugg boots come with shoe inserts, a specially-made box that fits perfectly and crimpled plastic with the brand printed on it. Many fake Ugg boots come in plain boxes or without any inserts or plastic. There should be an authenticity card and care booklet with them.

The Fur

The real boots have deep, rich and fluffy fur not synthetic nasty fur. If you want to test it to see if it’s real or not, rub it together and if bits fall off or it’s thin, it’s most likely fake.

Check the Soles

Real Ugg boots are meant to be very comfortable to wear and you can tell this by the pliability in the sole. If you can bend the sole easily in your hands then they will be real. Fake Ugg boots have soles from solid rubber and are thinner. Real Ugg boots have a deep 2” sole that is soft and nice to walk on.

Smell the Difference

Fake sheepskin smells nasty from the dye they use. If you sniff the boots and there is an odd synthetic or chemical smell, they are fake.

Spend Time Checking the Overall Quality

If you’re buying from a store, then take the time to check them over. Even retailers might have been supplied fake ones and might not know. Real Ugg boots are larger for their size, so it’s best to get a smaller size and let the fur mould around your feet. They are also wider than fake ones. The suede should be smooth and rich, not rough and nasty. Fake Ugg boots have pointy toes and have poor stitching. Anything less than perfect stitching will be fake.

If you are paying much less than the recommended retail price for Uggs then you’re most likely buying copies.

As you can see, there’s a lot to it when you want to buy Ugg boots but it’s important to perform these checks and even more-so if you’re buying online. By carrying out these checks you can assure yourself you’re getting the very best quality Ugg boots and not replicas. Buying from a well-known retailer will most likely ensure that they are the real deal but it still pays to evaluate each pair yourself.

Jenny Smithson has been a lover of Ugg boots for many years and as one of the best mystery shoppers she’s always on the lookout for fake goods so customers aren’t getting ripped off.

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