Friday, May 11, 2012

Margaret just might be me

Margaret lived a lonely life in downtown Manhattan. Sure, she was surrounded by the cool crowd, the hip cafes and stylish clothes, but Margaret was missing they key part in her life – love. She had never met a man that set her heart on fire. She hadn’t found a love to save her soul or even just to stroke her head as she fell asleep at night. Heck, Margaret hadn’t met a guy she would even take home!

Was she asking too much? The world seems so full of ego. Human nature seems to be about getting the best for yourself regardless of the cost to anyone else rather than sharing a deep bond with another person; rather than about finding love. This made Margaret sad, even though she wouldn’t show it. She would just wear a brighter lipstick and higher heels. She would buy the latest car and computer gadgets. She looked like she held it altogether and no one could tell how lonely she was and how much she longed to find love.

She would often wonder if she was too picky. It wasn’t like there was a shortage of men around, especially when she wore her red mini-skirt! But none of them seemed interested in something deeper than a pash at 3am in the morning outside the karaoke bar.  There is always an exception to the rule though, and it happened that the exception that Margaret was looking for was not far away.

As she got ready for a night out with the girls, Margaret wondered if a love transformation was going to take place!? Only time would tell. The karaoke bar was full of the usual punters. There was Frank Sinatra with the beer gut, Sting with Roxanne, and of course Neil Diamond (who doesn’t love Sweet Caroline?), Kenny Rogers who could barely contain himself from singing The Gambler without the mic….and…hang on, here’someone new, Elvis has entered the building and he is a Hunk of Burning Love!

He looks across the room and our eyes meet and it is fireworks. There was enough energy between us to save the world from all of its problems. It is instant, and my heart has gone boom. The real test is yet to come, as even though I too am a regular at the karaoke bar, I am more of a doo-wop girl in the background, so I am scared when he asks me to sing with him. How could a girl, looking for love, say no to the man of her dreams when he asked her to sing ‘I can’t help falling in love with you”.

Margaret now lives in bliss and the flashy cars and gadgets are long gone. She sang yes to love and will live happily ever after.

Margaret has finally found the love in her life that she has been searching for since before she can remember and just wanted to pass this little story onto others.

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