Monday, May 7, 2012

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

Like your dress and many of the other very important items in your wedding agenda, your cake has to be perfect, and there’s only one chance to get it right. There are more elements that go into creating the perfect wedding cake than you would first suspect. In addition to taste, you have to consider decorations, presentation, cake toppers, and the baker. Let’s break down these five elements and take a closer look at the decisions you’ll make when choosing your wedding cake.

The Baker

Start by choosing a baker. Your baker’s scope and ability will determine the types of flavors, decorations, and presentations available to you on your wedding day. Interview several bakers and ask them about your options in each of these areas in addition to details like cost, down payment, and how the cake will be delivered and set up on the day of your wedding.

Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers can be added to any wedding cake design. Cake toppers come in fun designs like the bobblehead and special interest themes like sports, in addition to traditional toppers. Custom wedding cake toppers can be hand-crafted and painted to look just like the bride and groom.


Your wedding cake’s presentation includes the table the cake is displayed on and the way the cake’s layers are laid out. Your wedding cake may be layered, tiered, or served as several cakes of different shapes and sizes. Many couples these days are electing to serve cupcakes, which can be presented in any number of unique ways. Remember to plan for decorations for your cake table, which can include items related to your wedding’s theme and photo gifts for the bride and groom.


Wedding cake frosting is usually white, so plan to pair buttercream, cream cheese, or white chocolate frosting with a cake flavor offered by your baker. Modern wedding cakes can be cutting edge when it comes to flavor combinations. Beware cakes with nuts or seeds, which are common allergens your guests may react to. For a gluten free wedding cake, try cheesecake or flourless chocolate cake.


You can go as far as you want with decoration these days. Even the simplest wedding cake still has some sugar or frosting-based decorations and/or fresh flowers at a minimum. If you have a complex theme or design you’d like to integrate into your cake’s decoration, you should seek out a baker who specializes in unique edible designs.

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